Non stop crashing at my main base

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Crash

I’ve been having some really bad crashing issues for quite a while, it got way worse when the Horse update came around and since then I can’t seem to fix it…

Firstly I thought it was because of the thralls I tend to overuse when building my bases but I’ve moved them all from my main base and it still crashes.
Then I thought it would be because of how big the base is (it’s pretty much a city at this point) yet… I have bigger bases up north on the snow and they lag… but never crash.

I don’t know what else to do as I have destroyed the old base and rebuilt it entirely.
Can it be from where I have it built? Currently it’s located south of The Black Galleon, next to Pariah’s Overwatch right on top of the rock bridge and extends all the way to the east almost touching Sailstitch Camp.

At this point I’m just quitting the game… but I like it… and I purposefully made an account here to ask as a last resort…

There really aren’t any steps to reproduce it as it happens randomly… I can just be walking around and it crashes… or I can open an inventory and it crashes… I simply don’t know why, but it only happens in this particular base.

Hello @3DG3, welcome to the community!

Would you be able to share some screenshots of your base and an estimate on the amount of building pieces, decorative placeables and light sources, so we have a feeling for its scope?

Additionally, could you try to perform a clean reinstall of the game and to rebuild the PS4 database, to ensure that the issue is not related to the current installation?

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Hello and thank you!

Unfortunately because I’m a new member, I can’t send pictures yet but… crazy enough… I can give you almost 100% certain numbers as I sketched the base on paper before I remade it.
So here it is:

Foundations ~ 424
Ceilings ~ 162
Walls ~ 632
Roofs - 38
Light sources - 49
Decorations - 53 (without Crafting stations/storage/others. 161 with them)
Thralls - 2 horses + 7 crafting station thralls

I rebuild my database once every 2 weeks and I did install the game again only 3 days before I made this post actually.

Edit: I forgot to mention on the original posting that I also have a temple with 1 altar to each religion, its barebones and holds nothing but 1 of each altar, 12 crates and it’s made out of 30x50 foundations.

Also, the temple and base are entirely made out of Aquilonian Structures… that includes both the base and decorations in it.

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