Game crashes when near base

I play single player and whenever I go near my base, the game crashes. I have tried clearing the cache on my xbox and reinstalling the game, but nothing works. Does anyone have any solutions?

If your using a og Xbox one like i was 2 months ago upgrade to a better one i got a Xbox one x because that’s all i could find that’s one solution another one if you have alot of stuff in your base like storage and decorations remove some of it put it else where away from your main base. Good luck hope it helps

When I played ps4, I had a pro and my friends didnt and when they came near my base, they would crash. I ditched a lot of my vanity structures and the problem went away. I suspect its just there’s more near your base now than the xbox can handle.

Yeah that’s what happened to me when playing on a og Xbox one i got sick of it and I upgraded

Cut down on the number of combat thralls / pets, placeable items and torches you have, if it’s a large base, rip out a few foundations and replace them with fence foundations and ceiling pieces.

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