Crashing when enter my base



Joined a new clan and everytime I enter the base I get dashboard crash. Seems fine everywhere else in the world exept the occasional crash every other day. Just blows my mind how I can enter the base and within a few moments, crash. Ive cleared saved game data, ive went to offline single player, ive reset xbox, and ive uninstalled game and reinstalled it. This is making my gaming experience unpleasant and very close to uninstalling it and forgetting Conan ever existed unless devs can fix the crashing. Who cares about pets, mount, and other things if people keep crashing there will be no one around to enjoy the updates. Clan members are experiencing the same symptoms. Devs please fix asap!


There is a temporary work around for this. Join single player for 5 minutes, then join the server in question.


I stated ive done so in my post. Ive even built lots of things in single player offline to create a cache. Still not working. Really only crashes when I’m inside my base. Other areas are fine.


Oh sorry, I missed that! Well I hope that with PC getting their patch today that means Xbox gets one as well. Last I heard they were going through certification right now with Microsoft.


That would be nice!


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