Having a Large Base Crashes your game in single player offline mode

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Hello, wanted to reply to Croms_Faithful on a previous thred, however it has been closed already.
Wanted to say thanks for the info and tried your suggestions. Seems having a Large Base is effecting the game crashes every 10-15 minutes. I would have to agree this seems to be part of the issue(s)
(Freezes & Framerate issues)
Playing offline single player mode on X-Box One-S

Experiencing game crashes every 10-15 minutes and have built a very large base, with many thralls, work stations, map room, pets, greater wheel of pain etc. (basically everything the game has to offer)

So abandon my large base and built a small base in a different region, with only the basics, one set of workstations, a few thralls, minimal lighting. And have only experienced a few game crashes at smaller base. Freeze frames and game lag seems to be less as well. Still having game crashes, however seems to be less.

Went back to original large base for a visit and game started crashing again within minutes. Every time when trying to interact with work stations or storage chests game will crash back to X-Box home screens.

Also when running around the environment is slow to load in front of you, then freezes and then game will crash back to X-Box home screens. Have dropped off the face of the map a few times as well. Was running and environment was slow to load then fell down to nothingness. Game re-started me back at the start of the game in the desert.

Hoping the upcoming ‘Quality of Life’ patch will help resolve most of the game issues users have been having as well. As I have not seen any improvements since the (30.01.2019 Anti flooding and crash fix. Enjoying playing the game and is a fun RPG. However not a fan of all the bugs since the Halloween event and December updates. I have had to watch the load screens hundreds of times now. I can count the scars on Conan, Also have kinda of a rhyme going for start up screen, Powered by Unreal -unreal for how many times my game crashes, Simplygone-was my first game, un-Funcom, (well
have seen a lot of other posts on that one)

@barterhawk I really feel for you with the crashes. Im a Singleplayer Offline too, and while I have been relatively fortunate in this department, aside from a few isolated incidents, others such as my partner were not so lucky. At one point, she was experiencing the CE-34878-0 crash almost every 10-12 mins, before we were able to get around this. Funcom is currently working on a solution to this, however in the meantime, we managed to reduce them significantly. If you havent already, you could tinker with some of the below variables. This was what I suggested in a previous post:

In my partners experiences we observed the following. The crashes almost always occurred at her home/base which had grown quite large by that point. But was this the cause or a symptom of the effect…!? We didnt know. Based on a compilation of the relatively few bits of information I found, the most likely factors driving it which I could establish were:

  1. Number of foundations blocks present at the base
  2. Amount of lighting present, eg-wall torches, braziers
  3. Number of thralls guarding the base at any one given time
  4. The number of crafting stations working on existing tasks, and the backlog of given tasks there within

You could try to reduce the quantity of any of the above. Theres no guarantee it will work, but it may be worth a try. Although the upcoming ‘Quality of Life’ patch, due approximately late January or early February will improve building loading. So this may or may not help. Good luck.


Hey there @barterhawk

We’re aware of these issues and we started working on optimizations and performance fixes that should alleviate this situation. As you mentioned, the first step is already on Testlive with more to come. You can check out our current plans and scheduling in this recent thread:

Thanks for your feedback and patience :slight_smile:

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Well thankyou for your kind words barterhawk, I am glad I was able to help with the situation! Well at least to the extent that your game is now playable. I orginally developed this hunch based on experiences with Fallout 4. I noticed that it has a building limits at its settlements, and more importantly, that exceeding this through exploits started resulting in crashes on my friends console. It seems that building too much in one area can lock up consoles.

I also hope that the coming updates can help yourself and others with these crashes. If memory serves me correctly, I did hear that they should make bases load in much easier. If not, and worst case scenario arises, I do have a plan B for you. But depending on your level of progress, it may not be pretty…

You could simply activate decay (if you havent already), and stay away from your former base until it decays completely (yeah I know; its hardly a desirable out come). Well at least thats the theory, I havent actually had anything decay on my game yet. Others would be more knowledgeable on the parameters of the decay system than myself. But for now, I suggest that you wait and see how things pan out with the coming patch. I hope it all works out well. :slight_smile:

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