Freezes & Framerate issues

Game mode: [Online | Rented XBox Server on G-Portal]
Problem: [Performance]
Region: [EU]

[When you are wandering around, the game often “freezes” and hangs, so Fighting is difficult. The Framerate in vegetations is often stuttering. This happens on a XBox One S, tested on internal Drive and external.]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Load game
  2. Wander around or sprint
  3. Extremely in the middle and south of the map with Vegetation and animals.
  4. Repeat

Hey there,

We’re aware of this issue and we’ve been gathering feedback for the past few weeks to try to determine the cause for it and its possible solutions. It’s going to be one of our priorities in the upcoming months to try to solve or at least alleviate it.
Thanks for your feedback.


Hello, having the same issues as well for over a month now. Hope it is fixed soon. Playing US region, Xbox one-S, single player offline


Probably not a coincidence that the decay timer has been extended since the holidays and all this lag has turned up. Also, with the addition of unlimited easy to grid pets, which also came out about a month ago. On the pvp server I play on, a popular strategy is to spam t1 foundations around obilisks. Also around Arch priest spawn locations. Also between rival strongholds in a battle of foundations over land claim to prevent trebs. LIMIT total building pieces of whatever tier, per player and per clan. Limit pets and Tralls likewise… at least on pvp servers. Consols can only handle a finite number of polygons and textures in a rendering zone. Do the math.

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Performance /Crash, Misc
Region: Desert and Forrest

Hello everyone, how are you? The game has improved a lot after the last Xbox One S update. I can walk and build normally in the Frozen North region, now, without crash, thanks. I only play singleplayer and I noticed some problems:
-When we are positioning something built, by pressing RT / LT, the character goes into close combat.
-Objects and scenery take a long time to render, appearing in purple.
-The framerate leaves the game impractical, in some areas. When there are many enemies, their weapons appear floating, the defense does not work and the sound comes out too late. sometimes this has restarted my console.
-Sometimes a pop up window with the message “waiting for data”, freezing the game.
-When we die, the screen freezes for up to 5 seconds, before entering the death animation. -The enormous Wheel of Pain, turns alone, without slaves.
-Sometimes it’s hard hit a crawling target (spiders, snakes, scorpions and crocodiles) , using axes.

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Yes I have the same hitting crawly creatures but I just put the cursor down on the beasts or run to the hill where I can hit them, with you at the low bit of course.

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I sometimes see the purple trees :joy: only for a few moments then they go back to normal

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I would like to see my thralls turning the wheel rather than some random old dudes.

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Hey there,

We’re aware of the issues regarding turning building pieces using a controller and the wheel of pain sometimes losing its thralls. Our team is looking into those issues.
We are also aiming to improve performance in all platforms. We are currently gathering feedback on some improvements when loading player-made structures, but more improvements are on the way that hopefully will help with the performance and streaming hiccups.
Thanks for your feedback!


Sounds like a scenario out of Woodstock. :laughing:


A work around for the turning of pieces is to pull a trigger to get in the boxers stance then select an item to place afterwards. Works normally while in the stance ^^


Hello, having the same issues as well for over a month now. Game freezes and crashes back to home screen. Hope it is fixed soon. Playing US region, Xbox one-S, single player offline


@barterhawk I really feel for you with the crashes. Im a Singleplayer Offline too, and while I have been relatively fortunate in this department, aside from a few isolated incidents, others such as my partner were not so lucky. At one point, she was experiencing the CE-34878-0 crash almost every 10-12 mins, before we were able to get around this. Funcom is currently working on a solution to this, however in the meantime, we managed to reduce them significantly. If you havent already, you could tinker with some of the below variables. This was what I suggested in a previous post:

In my partners experiences we observed the following. The crashes almost always occurred at her home/base which had grown quite large by that point. But was this the cause or a symptom of the effect…!? We didnt know. Based on a compilation of the relatively few bits of information I found, the most likely factors driving it which I could establish were:

  1. Number of foundations blocks present at the base
  2. Amount of lighting present, eg-wall torches, braziers
  3. Number of thralls guarding the base at any one given time
  4. The number of crafting stations working on existing tasks, and the backlog of given tasks there within

You could try to reduce the quantity of any of the above. Theres no guarantee it will work, but it may be worth a try. Although the upcoming ‘Quality of Life’ patch, due approximately late January or early February will improve building loading. So this may or may not help. Good luck.


Thanks for the sugestion. I only keep one crafting station each, due to this. I noticed in my various saves that I already created, that spawning some items(armors, weapons), cause a bug in loading the game too:

  • neck locked to one side and hair and clothes without movement.
    Below random bugs that happen infrequently:
  • legs stretched as if they were stuck,
  • knees when trying walk or to open a door(door open and char knees)

Hey there again,

We have merged another thread dealing with freezes and framerate issues into this one to increase visibility.
Thanks for your feedback.


I start the game in single player, then quit, then start again on a public server. Sometimes when playing for a long time, the rendering gets slower. If I restart, this usually helps. Also, late at night, when the server resets, this fixes harvesting problems. Perhaps the servers should all automatically restart every several of hours after several countdown warnings.

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