Severe performance drop on xbox one x when adding furniture and thralls

Game mode: [Online |]
Problem: [Performance]
Region: [Europe]

I build my first bigger castle and when i added workstations with thralls and furniture etc there is a huge drop in performance. like 15 fps in my castle. I am on Xbox one X. Is this known issue and is there a patch coming that will address this issue?

Steps on how to reproduce issue: home
2.add thralls 5-10
3.add furniture and ornaments
4.suffer from bad fps.



:thinking: This crap is still happening on xbox as you build a base and add “stuff”. Performance degrades and sometimes becomes a slideshow!

Larger the base becomes [and it doesn’t need to be too big], all the structures want to load in at once but all separately and will either lag for several seconds teleporting in random places or crash the game running your character in the direction of last input.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Often looking into containers or crafting stations you’ll lag, stutter, teleport and the item icons will not show up for several seconds and will (rarely) make me have to exit and re-enter the station/container to see them.

Recently with the last patch looking @ torches and doors lag, stutter, teleport you around.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Also, another bug I have seen and has been a bit irritating has been dragging an unconscious NPC home to break them when something or another causes me to have to switch or unequip my bindings (Swimming/Hostiles) and when I return to the NPC to try to drag them back their body will twitch extremely and slingshot and ragdoll in different directions before disappearing completely.

:eyes: The search for a fix continues…


Somethings wrong with awnings not snapping all of the sudden

It’s just one of the many ways Funcom has of keeping player count down, by the way, when i mentioned this exact thing earlier someone flagged it.