Last weekend on CE sucked. Crashing, Thralls and Performance

On Xbox Series X in SP.

tl;dr Last weekend on CE just sucked… :confused:


  • In the middle of fighting a dragon with one thrall and horse in the north @ -37883.154296875
    -144212.5439453125. Down the hill from the 15+ foot werewolf.

  • I was running around the south bend beach from Flotsam with a single thrall @ 361340.72265625 72516.58203125.

  • Taking a break from fighting gorillas outside Celestial Plaza @ 360193.1396484375 132609.9658203125.

Thralls (Don’t care if known or not)

  • Just finished attacking Flotsam.
    1 I transported (cheat) from Flotsam to the south bend beach @ 361340.72265625 72516.58203125.
    2 My thrall, with weapon out, kept walking north east.
    3 Nothing would stop this, set to guard, set to follow again and I ran south west.
    4 Thrall actually kept walking then swam until I couldn’t see it! When it teleported back to me, it just kept walking.
    5 Teleporting again did not fix, had to restart game.
    It appears the fighting stance/action on thralls sticks, even after teleporting. Ya need to fix that thrall “chill” routine. :wink:

  • Not sure if Thrall specific but, after three tries, I finally knocked out Freya and dragged her all the way from Freya’s Hovel to my woodlands camp @ -168268.83544921875 -108983.0517578125. Just to have her disappear when I got there!! Controller throwing moment! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

  • I get my butt kicked because I ride ahead, run into enemies but my thralls are walking so slow because their weapon is always out.

  • Thralls always stand with weapon out now.


  • Landscape (random areas, mostly mountainsides) does not render completely with 5 benches, 5 basic furnaces, tannery, bed, 6 torches, 3 thralls @ -168268.83544921875 -108983.0517578125. The circle clearing in the woods and it does not matter if raining, snowing or clear.

  • Frame skips and pauses. The pauses can take up to a second at times and when frequent, are annoying as heck. ← Replace heck with ‘bad’ word.

  • All performance issues get worse the longer I play. Yes, obviously memory.

I do not look forward to May 27th.
I will not pay for another DLC when basic game features are broken. As much as I want to!!

I went to Ark’s site the other day! Ark! :expressionless:
The game CE shames!

And I blame whomever at Funcom that responds to anyone with, “Yeah, don’t mention anything, we’re fixing that for the May 27 release.”
You made it worse in 2.3!!
Confidence = $NULL. :cry:

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Dont worry, 2.4 will fix all the bugs from 2.3, which fixed all the bugs for 2.2, that came out with 2.1, that were caused by 2.0…etc…

Almost like adding parity to stability patch did nothing for XB at all. Almost no improvements. Almost like it was a bad idea or something…too bad the XB community didnt warn against, or protest the stability portion of 2.3 being bunk due to adding parity…oh wait, almost everybody said something along those lines. Thanks for listening to your community FC, AWESOME! Way to go!

7 months to write the stability patch, certification took over a month, and we are right back to pre 2.3 crashing…just amazing!

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8 months? :confused:
Rollback thrall changes, submit to MS.
Finish performance fixes, push to MS.
One thing at a time, fix and push and fix and push.

I just get silenced everytime i comment so just remember this… If you leave noob river you crash and thats your fault for wanting to explore the broken parts of map. But they understand your frustration and will continue to gladly steal unknowingly new consoles players money. The game just gets everyones hopes up until they realize that every thrawl captured or building piece or decoration placed exceeds the memory available on xbox so performance will never get fixed. Dont build, dont explore, just watch pc players play the game thats how it is for xbox players.

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