So far, what I've logged (bugs, opinions)

On PC, singleplayer, I’ve played every day for over a week. I currently have 42 hours. During that time, I’ve noticed a lot of problems. Not just bugs, but stuff with the game that makes no sense. This is my list so far:


Framerate drops and stays down after I kill something until I move away from the corpse.
Might have something to do with blood effects, but it’s really bad

Stuttering framerate is still a problem and usually only happens when moving. I can find specific areas
where the stuttering occurs and recreate it by moving in wide paths back and forth across those specific
spots. Also happens when moving in and out of shelters

Locking onto my own thralls during combat even when an enemy is in view and closer

Lock-on stops working and untargets mobs randomly

unable to hurt an enemy at random times, and they are unable to hurt me until I run a significant
distance away and then try again

Thralls, when on follow, do not walk properly. They warp over and over instead. We need thralls
to warp to you when they get stuck or fall a certain distance behind, but it seems like they’re doing
it because they are extremely unpolished

I went into my room which is on the second floor of my home and my thrall warped to me and fell through
the floor

Enemies face you constantly no matter where you are in combat. Makes no sense and ensures they are
always able to attack you accurately

I died with a thrall following me. Respawned at bed, used admin teleport to go back to corpse.
Thrall was walking off in a random direction. It did not warp to me when I respawned and was off
follow. Thralls are also off follow when you log back in.

Thralls do not automatically pull out their weapons in combat every time it starts. Sometimes, even
if you’ve given them a weapon, it will not be in their hand slots and they will start combat with fists

Usually, some thralls stand and walk around outside of combat in a combat-ready stance. Doesn’t really
make sense

Stuff that’s more my own opinion that needs changed:

The stun effect when an enemy is hit is not consistent. Sometimes, when you hit them, they are stunned.
Others, even with the same attack, they are not and you are left open to attack when they shouldn’t
even be able to attack you because you’re causing them damage and they should be stunned by it. The stun
effect on enemies needs to be more consistent. Sometimes I’ll go to attack an enemy, the hit will land
and I’ll initiate follow-up strikes only to get hit several times because, for whatever reason, that time
there was no flinch.

Vignette around edges of screen needs a toggle (blood effect too). It’s also much darker
than it was in the previous patch. Not sure why you made it darker, hard to see. Almost
impossible to see in certain deeper jungles and it is impossible to see at night. Turning
the gamma up isn’t a solution, all that does is make the screen whiter and not brighter.
On nights where there is a huge moon out, it makes no sense for it to be so dark, but with
the vignette it’s ridiculous

Even with the resource respawn and mob respawn sliders maxed, both things respawn way too fast

The player character, if you use your fists, will go into a combat pose and stay that way til you pull
out a tool or weapon and put it back. Your character should go back into the relaxed state after X

Why are shaleback pieces so hard to get? I probably killed 15 of those babies and harvested them with
the skinning knife, got one piece

Sickle should be level 15, not any higher

As for performance, using r.shadowquality 0, r.bloomquality 0, r.shadow.maxresolution 0, r.fog 0, r.motionblur.quality 0 all help with framerate but do not affect the horrible stutter.