Edge walking thrall and other bugs

Game mode: official pve
Problem: thrall is taking little tiny baby steps everywhere we go

Loaded in this morning and went to unnamed city to farm.
My wonderful experience was as follows

  • my thrall has decided that edge walking is the order of the day so he is just taking little tiny baby steps everywhere and not engaging in combat.
  • Red Mother continuously pushed my thrall I to the ground meaning that on the odd occasion where he MIGHT have attacked the dragon he could not.
  • For about a good 3 minutes my stamina just flat refused to regen leading to death.
  • every relic hunter I managed to knock out fell through the ground.
  • the ai is being especially weird lately. I don’t know how you have them prioritising who they attack, but when a thrall is bashing away for huge damage behind them, I’m standing in front with a shield out and all the hyena skeleton wants to do is attack my horse which is standing to the side pondering the meaning of horse life 🤦
  • climbing was janky as hell too for some reason. My guy keeps just randomly letting go and spazzing out doing little speed crunches on the wall.

To say I was getting frustrated would be putting it mildly. Literally every mechanic I tried to use stuffed up and wouldn’t work properly. When are all these patches coming to console!! PC has had a flipping heap of attention and consoles are playing like some mums basement kids club designed game that’s only a couple months in to early access. Shocking.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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