Thralls still bugged after update

Console: PlayStation 4
Online, private servers
Isle of Siptah

When taking into dungeons, the thrall is still getting stuck either in walls or no matter where you point for them to attack, they don’t listen and sometimes, they won’t return.

Thralls are not following orders still. I point to attack, even with follow distance set to 30, the thrall just stands there bugged, walking in place like they stuck on an invisible object.

If I place a tamed thrall down, be it a pet or human, they get stuck in doorways still, planters, walls, etc.

(So, I don’t have to make multiple posts)
I too am having new issues, I’m running when I should be walking. On a server with .01 Stamina it’s still being drained. Even with 50.points in Grit, stamina is still being drained.

Anyway, Make Thralls Great Again… Some day.

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Well to add to that my wife’s and my character are trying to run like dingdongs even when overencumeberd definitely makes it hard when building thought it was a controller issue tried 3 a a piece no better changed settings no help. It is like my old buddy Spaz has taken over . Hopefully this gets fixed soon. Didn’t occur until update. @RabidChimp805

Ok another Thrall complaint. I tamer Archers and put them up on my walls. The , the purge came. Not one Archer fired a shot. So, I changed every archer to prioritize ranged and set them to attack all. They didn’t even flex… What the heck are wrong with these thralls? Are they just placable objects like the bookshelf or a palisade? Are they just for looks?

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Um, press your R3. It’s now automatically set to run. So, to manage your stamina, just hit R3, problem solved. When you want to run again, R3.

I believe they did boost the stamina drain though.

I have not experienced any of these issues. However, a clanmate is having issues with thralls not using their weapons. The thralls are using their fists not matter what he does. Also, it should be noted, these are thralls from Jailor cages. Haven’t tried it with a converted thrall yet.

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