Thrall became stupid again after last patch

Game mode: *Online official
Type of issue: [Performance ]

Server type: [ PvE ]
Region: [ Europe ]
Hardware: [ PS4 ]

Bug Description:

Thralls suffers of:

  1. Stop following even in plain terrain
  2. Pathfinding works bad, with thrall not able to reach the main character or reach a destination hitting square.
  3. Do not attack if commanded to do so
  4. Assume a static position and start to fluctuate when following. It start again acting good after a fight
  5. The stop command has again a time limit, with the thrall starting again to move or attack after a certain time
  6. Cannot place thrall over some fundaments for guarding. The game says “can only be placed on a walkable surface”

For now I remember only these. I will update if discovering something else.

Suggestions for thrall:

  1. Add stop/resume attack command in the quick wheel(hold square)
  2. Add the possibility to equip the thrall with a stunning weapon and chose if to use normal weapon or stunning one(like use ranged/use melee).

#6 That happens all the time now. There could be nothing nearby, on a flat surface and you can’t put a thrall where ya want it.

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You are lucky.

My thrall had that bug of not teleporting near me. Then when it did work, i did go inside my base to repair my tool.

After that i walked outside and tried to teleport my thrall to me.
It did show all the way south of the Siptah map in the water. While my base is close to the center. :man_shrugging:

I thought let me walk abit, so i did walk around 1 square than noticed my thrall was completly gone.
Than the event log did show “Your thrall (name) died (2)”

Not sure about that (2) since it was 1 thrall and not 2.

It was on a official pvp server and my thrall had 300 foundations on it for landclaim. :pensive:
Lost them, the weapon and armor.

Ill hope they fix this, so far it didnt happen after it. But i did close the game straight after it happened. Felt pretty bad farming all those foundations as a low level and than end up losing them because of it.

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The 2nd thrall died again with (2) behind it.
Also we got a pillar base and we got attacked yesterday.
My main thrall glitched undermesh and is guarding there.
Since the rock is double layered there is no way i can gran the loot bag if i rescue it.

Just imagine that a player cant go undermesh (Good thing, but atm a bad thing because there is no way to safe my thrall.) but the thrall can. :man_shrugging:

Or the facts that you cant build undermesh, but the thrall can guard on a spot that isnt buildable.