Fix it or I'm done

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: United States

Two bugs I am putting on this as in one week I’ve lost 2 purge thralls online pvp, and I’m really getting tired of it. I’ve been patient with all the other glitches, but now this combined with other glitches, my patience is running thin quick.

First bug; I had a thrall from the Cimmerian Animal Tamers, my friend and I were fighting in unnamed city. When we were done we went back to the desert base we have, placed him down to guard in the building nd poof he was gone. A max level thrall with great abilities, stats, a sword of crom with a master kit just gone. Wasn’t killed but according to what I can gather he is stuck under the map. On an official server so I can’t get him back as ik what u helpful mods will tell me.

Bug number 2, if not a bug this is some actual bull**** to say the least. With how stupid the thrall AI is if this is intentional this is a whole other world of stupid. This happened today too.

I had a cimmerian berserker purge thrall with me. Anji or something like that an Archer. Once again, great stats, great abilities, and sword of papyrus. I put a thrall we brough home into the wheel of pain on the roof. She is right behind me, and is fine. Keep in mind prior to this we brought 2 others back from where we got this one. All named. She all of a sudden isn’t following me. I look at the event log and it just says she died. Doesn’t say to what so I can only assume to fall damage. I doubt u need a step by step guide on how to reproduce. This SHOULD NOT be a mechanic on thralls. On players? yes it should. NOT ON THRALLS WHO ALREADY ACT LIKE THEY HAVE MORE ISSUES THAT SOMEONE MISSING A CHROMOSOME. Fix this or I am dropping your game immediately. I’m sick of putting effort into thralls to have them die like this ESPECIALLY PURGE THRALLS. That is days if not weeks of grinding lost. Fix it.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Tell thrall to follow
  2. Take Thrall somewhere
  3. Tell to guard
  4. Watch it vanish like a damn magician

[ Mod Edit: Please be mindful that insults or developer bashing is not allowed. ]

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Hello @Alzeldafighter, welcome to the forums!

Regarding the first issue, did you place him over a building piece, such as a ceiling or foundation? If so, have you tried to demolish the building pieces exactly below the position where you set him to guard?

For the second issue, did the Event Log message state that the thrall was killed while following you?


I did look under the foundation and he wasn’t anywhere to be found. I can place another thrall over the area he was in so it is safe to say he is pretty far down.

For the second one yes it was following me, but I didn’t jump off the building I went down the inside elevator. Normally it just stands there waiting to teleport this time I got no idea. The log doesn’t say it died following me either. Ik I was about to put her down as well to take a Bearer with me so I could go collect fish traps. But I don’t remember placing her down nor getting a notification in the corner saying it died following me. So I can only assume she jumped off the building and basically killed herself to fall damage.

Edit: About the mod bashing, yes I do apologize for that. It was late and I was a bit worked up so sorry about that. Usually I am much more civilized when requesting help as ik you guys are just doing your job, and I respect that. I’m sure you guys are busy, and have enough on your plate that having some random player come on here and bash or insult is the last thing you guys need.


No problem @Alzeldafighter, it could happen to any of us.

Thralls may in fact die to fall damage, but when that occurs you do get a message in the Event Log stating they died, not referencing any source, which is likely what happened to the second thrall.

If you have no messages in the Event Log as it has happened with your first thrall, it’s possible that it returned to the previous guarding spot or that it somehow sunk into the map mesh or a building piece after setting it on guard.

We’ll be sure to forward this information and your feedback to the developers, apologies for the frustration the issue has caused.


I got the 1st one back I returned and I tore most of the building down. He all of a sudden popped up above falling onto me. But thank you for your understanding, while I have u here, If there is a team meshing under the map and we have a good amount of evidence from conversations, their past actions, plus other witness claims; where would I post this to see what possible actions can be taken?

To report exploits and undermeshing locations feel free to DM me or @Ignasi, and be sure to include screenshots or video of the location and undermesh base, thanks!

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I’m hearing loads of console players report this issue or similar stories. My clan and I faced it on day three of the new update.

Clan leader placed a Seeker Iris on guard, not follow. After he placed her he turned his character around and suddenly we heard it, the sound they make when they die. The thrall exploded… brand spanking new thrall, freshly placed, nothing had been done to her or around her that could possibly justify her death.

Needless to say, placing thralls now feels like a game of russian roulette.

Wow! While I too understand the frustration @Alzeldafighter went through, I am totally impressed with this response from the Community Support team. Thank you, Hugo!

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