Single player off line crashes and frozen

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Region: [Here]. Dear sir. I have been started playing Conan exiles five months ago on Xbox one
s sconsole. I love playing games as a single player, so I have chosen from the beginning a single player mod of line. The first impression of the game was magnificent but also influential as soon as I have discovered that I was able to build everything I wanted. I had made a lot of constructions in deferent Region since then. However the Aquilonian, Derketo and Argos dlc witch I purchased recently gave me the idea to build a city based on the Greek –Roman achient culture. All this time the game running perfectly and without problems. I had some crashes of course but I thought it was nothing to worry about. Yet, two weeks ago the crashes appeared more often after two hours of playing. Three days ago I have faced another issue as the game starts to frozen. Then the only thing I had to do was to remove the disk from the console. Now the problems with the crashes become worst. The game crashed several minutes after I have started playing. I was thinking if my console needs to be cleaned, but I have tried another games and I haven’t had neither of crashes nor frozen as well as Conan exiles. I believe the only solution is to uninstall the game from my console and installing it again. Yet if I do that, everything I have done so far would be lost. I have spent too many hours making all this structures and buildings and I really don’t know what to do about it. Please sir, can you help me? Every advise from you or from your teem could be useful

Sincerely yours

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Hello @JimGreek1, could you let us know if these crashes occur with Admin mode on, and if playing with it off reduces how often you crash?

There are a few steps that you can take on your current console that can assist with performance and other issues that could be related to installation and patching:

  • Reset the console cache by holding the power button for about 10 seconds until the console powers off, then disconnecting it from the power outlet for a couple of minutes.

  • Perform a soft factory reset while keeping games and apps.

  • Perform a full reinstall of the game.

I follow Sir your advice but the problem remain. Yet. I had an idea to start a New game . The game now run without problems. The old game had been erased. Obviously I have lost everything of the previous game but its nothing as I can enjoy the experience of exile open Word once again. Thank you for your respond.

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