Running into unloaded bases

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Hey there hyperborean slavers!

So ive noticed that some large bases loaded with thralls dont always load in time to stop you from running free within the base. It happened to me by accident and was quite a shock when the building loaded and i had to battle my way out.

This was about an hour after starting the game.


Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.start game
2.find floating thralls inside base when it loads
4.fight to the death


That never works for me. o.o
The walls get loaded in, just the grafics are missing.
Might settings have to do with this? Like when your machine isnt able to support high/ultra completely or only with delay…?

@Nuria im on an official server, on ps4 and running on high speed internet and high connectivity. Its only happened twice to me, but was quite startling and i figured worth mentioning!

I know some people exploit this bug and i wouldn’t mind seeing it gone lol

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I think that this will be fixed when ps4 gets the next parity patch … due next week

All fun n games til you are on a PVE server and you find yourself in a locked building with no way out but death. :i

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