Loading base issue

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [Bug | Performance]
Region: [EU]

Hi exiles,

Do you have some issues in the loading of your bases since few days ? Sometimes it happened that it take 30 minutes to see all the base loaded (chests, work station, altar). And I don’t see my stamina descreases… It’s very annoying.
I try to delete and install again the game but this bug or performance issue still there.

Do you have any idea of what to do ?

Thanks !

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Connect yourself or get killed by someone
  2. The base is not loading
  3. Wait sometimes 2 min, sometimes 10 or 30

Hello @AgasEmperor, thank you for reaching out!

Do you have the game installed to a HDD or SSD?
Are you on a wired or wireless connection?
What kind of ping do you get to your server of choice?
Does the issue also occur in other servers?
Could you share some screenshots to give us an idea of the size of your base and its surroundings, and include additional info such as how many NPCs and thralls are present in the area?

The loading times will also depend on the size of your base and the presence of other bases and placeables in the same area, you could try to reduce the amount of light sources, npcs and even building pieces, if possible, or even to build in an area with less player built structures, in the eventuality that you’re in an area with a large amount of placeables.

Having the game installed to a SSD and using a wired network connection usually helps a great deal with this specific matter.

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I have a PS4 Pro with an internal SSD, and an external SSD where the game is stored. I have a hard wired connection. The base is large, but I recently took down a large building, and killed 213 thralls/pets, leaving, 32 thralls in the area.

I have noticed on server 3890 that my base is taking more time to load in the past week. I have to wait around 4-5 minutes for everything, and sometimes I still have a line (5) of white haired, naked smelters.

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I constantly have the same issue. Some days it takes me 30 min and constant closing out the game before it finally loads all the way and most of the time I am waiting for the lag in my stamina bar to finally work properly. This issue has been going on way too long. Good luck finding a place in Official Servers that dont have over build

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