Rendering issue still unresolved

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [bad product]
Region: [Here]

several Times i have logged into the game just to be more than an hour waiting for the base to have its upload - like doors- so I can exit and play.

what kind of game is unplayable after an hour you choose to play it: its conan exiles.

I have written several posts of buggs and defaults the game has and they all have been hidden. Dont waste time with fucom products. I Know I wont

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I’ve never had this issue with CE on my PS4, nor have I heard of it from others. Over an hour? Have you actually timed this, or it just “feels like a long time”? Do you have an issue w/load times on other games? When was the last time you performed HDD maintenance on the PS4? Or cleaned the vents? You say the game mode is online; what’s your internet connection like (i.e., upload/download speeds)?

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What kind of server are you playing on official private or your offline line game. I have seen large bases that take a bit to render but not a situation loading into my own base. My wife and I have been playing since day one and she likes to build big. My suggestion would be to put a bedroll nearby and login to it. If you are playing on a private server is it resetting every day. @rod

As Sestus mention, were are you?
How big of base we talking to? They’ve changed way some of bases load now.

I’ve seen some 200x200 pyramids , with 200+ animals/thralls that takes 20-30mins to load on officials.
And some crazy huge builds… just take forever to load in on officals.

Single Player… I’ve learned to stop at certain point, cause there threshold were you get to, everytime turn camera, everything has that blur’d LOD range effect. Time to tone base back abit. XD

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