What is going on with the Rendering Fix?

What is going on? I had heard there was an issue, but there is no clear place to see the latest on this forum.

I have been reduced to logging in a couple times a week to refresh my builds because I can’t play on officials. Many times I will sit for up to 10 minutes waiting for the building to finish rendering even a door so I can go inside to the map. Last night, I was attacked by something multiple times when I ran into a wall built by a new player and couldn’t move. The wall rendered after a few attacks, and I was able to move away from what I assume was a scorpion.

The word is FUN. Not having any.


Sry for the delay @speedice.
I confirm the situation, the biggest the base, the greatest the details, the greater the delayed respond of the console.
Photo example under

These photos came from my home on pve official 3728

Same with me. I sometimes have to think of chores for my character to do when I return to base because the buildings will take minutes to load

Running on a SSD here on vanilla PS4 and the loads are good but I have an issue with FPS dropping HUGE around my base to the point where I rather not be anywhere near it. Is there something it is loading in the background all the time that makes this happen both for the rending speed and the FPS? Swear this game feels buggier than ever.

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