Load times and disconnects

Will you guys ever address the load times and disconnections? This started happening after the last update.

3mins to connect and get in the game. Almost another 3mins to load in storage/lights. Random frame drops afterwards. This is everyday for me now.

PS4 Pro here with SSD installed.

Also why do the contextual control settings never stay off?

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Kudos on the base. Honestly, with a base that size, you have to expect increased loading times.
What I did when my base got too big was spawn in at an outpost, and then remove bracelet. Then spawn in base. Should halve the loading time.

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this happens no matter where I am. I have a very small base on noob river with hardly anything in it. Its more of a safe place for me to log off when im feeling lazy and dont wanna walk back to main base. The doors take just as long to spawn in so i cant leave right away.

Which SSD did you get?

Samsung EVO 860

I knew you would have that drive… Do you have the same loading time if you launch SP?

Can I ask what router you’re using and internet speed?

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As I reported in another thread… it is the PVE-C mode (or pve-c servers) that is slow to rez. It doesn’t matter what base size or even if you have a base. It is slow.

Try going to other pve-c servers and notice the same load times.

Its an issue with the xbox as well, everything you showed on video happens every time i try to play. Since update i find it near impossible to enjoy the game. Are you having issues trying to collect resources where you hit them and nothing happens, or getting to npc camps and there nothing there but you still get killed by these invisible enemies or teleporting wolves. I play on PVE- C and have nearly 1000hrs and have only had these issues since update. Before the hotfix on the 13th the game wouldn’t even load so i deleted game from console and only downloaded it again because there weren’t as many people giving out on forums but i think thats because they all stopped playing

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Are you on a US server? I play PvE-C & PvP EU. My loading times are around one min, and up to one minute to load placeables.
What sort of load times do you experience?
My pve-c base is the entire boundary spillway. PvP loads a bit quicker but not much with tiny “(not-so)hidden” bases.

@Walkerbait81 did you try my temporary fix?

Possible Temporary Fix For Inventory Crash. PS4/XBOX

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Im calling BS on its the mode. My game was fine until the last update.

Load times where about 1-2mins max afew weeks ago. Now this is everyday.

I been playing on same server for over a year.

Not BSing dude. I play all three modes, pvp, pve-c, and pve. I have the stock ps4 pro. It loads fine on the pvp and pve servers. I tried other servers in different modes, and it was consistent.

@LordKAA It takes about 3 min to 15 mins for a complete rez in US West, pve-c. I hope there is a fix. There was further lag after the initial rez, but the last two patches improved that speed. Once fully loaded it’s good. I doesn’t matter if it was no base, small base, fully thralled base, or such.

It takes less than one minute on pvp and pve.

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Hello @SindeeSyringe, thank you for getting in touch!

Our team is actively looking into improving overall console performance and addressing its specific issues. Depending on the server load, player-built structures in the area and your hardware and connection the time to load in everything may greatly vary.

What’s your current connection speed and ping to the server?
Are you on a wired connection or wireless one?

In the shared video, it seems that you’re loading in an area with a high amount of placeables, as such, we would advise you to reduce the number of light sources, NPCs and even building pieces, by this order of priority, if possible.

Regarding the Contextual Controls, there’s a known issue where the Show Contextual Controls setting resets after the game restarts, which should be addressed in a future update.

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old ps4 here, been loading in low resolution at big base, but w very few crashes since last update.

Thanks for the reply @Hugo.

Just a fyi… I am hardwired to my PS4 also my ping is very low its normally 9 that is why I picked this server. To note also this happens as I stated in a previous post in smaller bases that have very minimal things to load in.

Just a suggestion it would be a nice feature to have a low/high resolution setting for consoles. Not sure how do-able this is. Some games I own have a setting to have “enhancements” turned on or off for PS4 Pro. (FFXIV just for an example has this) Low rez looks terrible obviously but runs smoother.

This is pretty much the method I applied here;

I have the same, first load server disconected, next load 3-5 minutes, at saturday when game crash me, or friends the loading time was 15 minutes i trying to back game many times, its ridiculus.
Of course no matter, ssd, ps fat, ps pro.
Its funny you propose to change to 720p, for first its not working, my son playing on tv hd ready and he have 720p at all, there are still crash, long loading and same problem.
It’s embarrassing you propose to lower resolution, first you talk about ssd, better is PS pro, now this. Its nothing change! What next old black & white tv set ? Maybe disable surround sound ? We even move to few times smaller base, and there still crashing and long loading.

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Well it has helped several players, why would I be embarrassed? For the record, I am just a player.

Your post is not really helpful to the solution;

Which server where you on?
Which time?
Console version?
Crash frequency?
Crash location?
Activity during crash?

All this info would be useful to the Developers.

Also please remember, every player is not experiencing these issues.

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I dont have time for it again, you good joker.

These Load times are ridiculous. When and If it all finally loads in everything is still not right. When running your stamina bar lags. I have shut down and restarted the server several times just to finally get everything to load properly. I have to do this several times a day when I stop playing for a bit. By the way its an official server #3522 PVE conflict portal.us. Playing on a PS PRO