Feedback thread: Server loading and connectivity issues after 2.3

Greetings Exiles,

We’re currently aware of the infinite loading screen and PvE-C-specific issues on this platform and are looking into any possible causes for both issues with high priority.

If you’re experiencing this, we would appreciate it if you could please share any relevant information in this thread, such as:

  • Your region
  • Console model (PS4, PS4 Pro, PS5)
  • Connection speed, and whether the console is on cable or Wi-Fi
  • Server number and timestamp for when you’ve experienced the connectivity/loading issues
    • Please include timezone (ie. 13:45 GMT)

Lastly, please keep this thread on topic, thank you.

  • America
  • Console model: PS4
  • WIFI - unknown speed. But not slow.
  • 3828 - Off and on since February 2021. Used to be able to get in before 3pm cst. Now, Could not get in at all for a week (all times) had the problem about a week before update as well. Need to be able to get in today or have decay timer paused.

I will lose everything today, if not yesterday…



-PS4 pro

-Cable (LAN)

-Speed (DL)80.1 (UL)7.4

-3828 15:00 central time(before update) consistently after update

-3829 never before update, consistently after update


12.7DL 5.8UL

Was anytime after 13.00 GMT if you hadnt logged on by then you weren’t getting in, then it changed to 11.00GMT beginning ;last week, now since update cannot get on at all, been trying all night and all day

  • EU
  • PS4 Pro
  • 41.6 download , 7.7 upload on WIFI
  • 3041 , has gradually been getting worse since the beginning of the year, to the point that you could not join server after 12 noon, since update can not get on at all .

Region: EU
Server: 3054/3053/3052/3051/3042/3041
Console models:
PS5 - CFI-1015A
PS4 PRO - CUH- 7116B
PS4 SLIM - CUH-2116A
Connection: LAN
Speed: 70+ Mbps
Time: Between 5-8 UTC 20/4/21

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. America
. PS4
Upload 37.6 download 5.1
3828 15:00 central before update always after
3829 never before update always after


Hello Hugo. i will leave my details along with my team details. We are 4.

  • Portugal (1,2,3) - France (4)

  • Everyone uses a normal Ps4 (1,2,3,4)

  • Portugal 1 (Download 248.9 Mbps / Upload 10.3 Mbps (Cable) - (NOS S.A.)

  • Portugal 2 (Download 82.5 Mbps / Upload 82.5 Mbps (Cable) - (MEO S.A.)

  • Portugal 3 (Download 61.7 Mbps / Upload 8.1 Mbps (Cable) - (NOS S.A.)

  • France 4 (Download 6.8 Mbps / Upload 289.7 kbps (Wifi) - (Orange S.A.)

  • We tried every Official Server PVE-C EU (3042,3053,3041,3051,3054,3052) they all have inifinite loading.
    We have been trying to connect to the servers since launch day 19/04 from 17:00 PM up to 03:00 AM.


Region: UK
Server: 3052 main server we use
Console: ps4 pro
Connection: LAN, WiFi
Speed: 50-60 MPs d/l around 15-16 MPs u/l

Time anytime now since update, before update the window dwindled down to 5 minutes after server reset that’s 4:15-4:20 am GMT


Region: US (east)
Console model : PS4 Pro / PS5
Connection speed: Fiber
Cable or Wi-Fi: Mainly hardlined but wifi is the same results
Server number: #3522
Timestamp: Last time about 5:15am EST Tuesday 4/20 (i use to get in any time from server restart 5am - 9am est) then the connection window would get smaller and smaller. now I cant connect at all.

Edit… More current time just tried to connect now @ 3:40PM est 4/20/21


Región: EU | España
Modelo: ps4 normal
Conexión: cable o WiFi
Juego: 3041. Empezo sobre las fiestas navideñas tirando a comienzos de año. Sólo puedes acceder a ciertas horas del dia sobre todo por la mañana. Sobre las 15:00 ya no solias poder entrar a jugar.

  • Your region : America
  • Console model (PS4, PS4 Pro, PS5) : PS4 Pro
  • Connection speed, and whether the console is on cable or Wi-Fi : 115.4 Mbps download & 4.9 Mbps upload with 20 ms latency; hardwired to cable modem
  • Server number and timestamp for when you’ve experienced the connectivity/loading issues : 3829 all the time since yesterday’s patch
    • Please include timezone (ie. 13:45 GMT) : GMT-8




3828 pve-c - before could not get on in evening around 5pm EST.

Download speed 107.7
Upload 6.3

Also 3514 and 3515 pve-c no one has ever been able to get on to my knowledge.


Finland, PS4, internet 5G 180 Megas wire, server 3052 today 6.27 AM GMT+2
You can tell instantly when you start loading if its gonna be the infinite loading screen, if the loading bar goes forward at a steady pace its gonna not access, if the load bar hops forward it usually means access in the end.


Its not even loading when hopping forward now

Tested to access PVP server and went smoothly, so the problem is only on PVE-Conflict mode


That would be fabulous if I could only import my base and gear to a new server lol

Consol model:PS4 Slim
Connection speed:Fiber with wifi 120 Mbps download and 4 Mbps upload.
Server number: 3041
January 3 this day the server starts to give mistakes


Funcom do this for your loyal fans…

For the love of Yog… PLEASE turn the decay timer off. For us, us who are passionate about your game! Who spend their hard-earned money and spent their precious, oh sooo precious time that we will never get back. I dont think this is too much to ask. Thanks in advance.

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This concern has been forwarded and we’ll be sure to share any relevant news as soon as we have them.

Please keep this thread on topic, thank you.