Server connection really slow after the last update


Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Performance]
Region: [EU]

@Hugo @Ignasi
After the 1.60 patch connection to official servers take at least 2 times more than before the black weekend.
Before start to load (progress bar filling) I have to wait 5-7 minutes. it’s not a real bug, oly to inform your team that something is slowing down server connections.

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Hi @liquidand, does this happen consistently on different servers or did you just experience it on a specific one?

Hello Hugo, tried on my main server only (PVE-3181 official PS4). I can try with others if it can help

It happens sometimes on Xbox too. Happened to me as well a few occasion.
I joined Conan 6months ago and happening since than but only as I said a few occasion.
I wouldn’t raise the alarm on it personally.
I think it’s just the internet slow sometimes, I don’t think you guys can do anything about it.

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