The Never Ending "Loading Screen" Story

already a thread for this

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Same response from you as in october last year ”we are working closely with Gportal to fix as fast as we can” , and here we are 6 months later.


@Mayra Im sure this is out of your control but has anyone at the FC company talked about disabling decays until this is resolved?

It’s quite literally the one major ask of the customers. Again we would all be understanding about the login issue if this was just addressed. We are all losing hours… years of work. I have been on my official server actively for 3 years and to lose all work because of a bug is not only heartbreaking but shows the company really doesnt care about the clients.


I read a post, it was either here, or on reddit, in which someone explained a solution to this issue to change a setting in the Unreal Engine server settings from the default timeout of 60 seconds to 300 seconds.

this individual was able to browse thru the logs after startup and diagnosed this as the potential issue.

after making this adjustment on their server, all users who were reporting login issues of this type were able to log in without issue.


Na I get that! Saw the “lol”. I absolutely HATE foundation spam. Hate it. I know you can also get banned for it, so I needed to make sure the air was cleared that that’s not the case with my base. All good. I just hope we can even get in and refresh so I can remove that one section, lol that or much more will be cleared than I would like (my entire base) if they dont pause the decay timer like RIGHT NOW :grimacing:


For those experiencing this issue, please reply to the following thread with the requested details:

Any additional information we’re able to gather based on your input will be extremely useful.


Lol ok, but this issue is both before and after the update!


We all ho play on this servers ho has infinitive loading screen sent so many tickets about it so its well known problem now more than 6 months so what is the point of your replay to this thread to just keep sending useless tickets what nobody reads it 100% its going to spam folder and got deleted anyway without even checking them like you see here everyone was excited for update and was thinking they will fix it or just remove decay timer but after 80g of update same as all of us here i was happy to see what is new but after 30 sec was just …!!!

so maybe 2022 will get us fix on this problem as we all know updates for consoles are 1 per year so for all of us here better luck next time so see you all next year lol.


It’s nice it’s actually being addressed officially. But its like this was never on anyone’s radar at all up until yesterday. Dam I mean in one of my threads I had someone tell me I was wrong and that they never even heard of this problem… Still no one is saying anything about the decay timer :roll_eyes: where all about to lose our digital possessions everyone. At that point :wave: it was nice being apart of the community while it lasted.


@SindeeSyringe because soon Funcom will be releasing Isle of Siptah on console and no one will pay for DLC if it is for a game that is broken. In other words, they want to make sure people pay for their DLC.

Previously, there was no money to be made in fixing these issues.

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Yes I can see you first reported this in August last year… so it’s before 8.0 psn update… but after followers🤔.
There has definitely been sporadic server connectivity issues since launch, but not to this extent.
It also seems that most have experienced the same regression in terms of a joining “window”.

Ok dude… :joy:

Let the hunt begin!

Let’s try not to shoot the messenger… Pretty sure most of the community team have absolutely nothing to do with the development, decisions, or server issues (I might be wrong).

(Also I know you from one of my favorite servers😉).

I agree, and I really hope they can solve this before anyone else loses their base.

On a slightly more positive note I just managed to connect to a US server 3827, so might be a sign of good things to come.


Also, I just came across this from last year.

They had disabled the decay on servers during connectivity issues, so there should be no reason they don’t do this again;


Dont play with my heart like that… Everyones scrabbling to their servers LOL

I seen 2 people logged into my server and I thought it was good but still loading screen. Now 3 of us are in death limbo. :slight_smile:


:joy: Did you see my previous post about the decay timer… you were right they did disable it. I remember the timers just displayed -

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O so its officially turned off I did not see that. Prays to Crom!

Nope sorry I’ve got your hopes up again :grimacing:. That was from last year, but it’s promising… I assume they would do it again… maybe? Hopefully…


thats probably why i thought they did it for no reason. I wasnt having connection issues then. I just thought man this is sweet no decay I can take a break from Conan lol

#3827 is a party zone lol never seen this many people in PvEc in a very long time haha.

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For the love of Yog… PLEASE turn the decay timer off. For us, us who are passionate about your game! Who spend their hard-earned money and spent their precious, oh sooo precious time that we will never get back. I dont think this is too much to ask. Thanks in advance.


whatever medicine #3827 has give it to all the other servers please.

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