Official Server: Myself and clan mates stuck on loading screen. Cannot access server for more than 24 hours

Game mode: [Online |
Problem: [ | Bug
Region: [America/Canada]

Issue Summary:
Hello, myself and my 2 clanmates have been unable to access the server for more than 24 hours. The game does not crash, so no way to submit a report directly through the Playstation. We try to load the server (PVE Conflict 3514) and the loading bar fills but then we are stuck on the loading screen. I have tested other servers and they work fine.

Further Details:
This started April 8 at around 5:30pm AST. This is on original PS4s for all 3 of us. 2 of us were on, the lag and rendering issues started getting worse on my game, not my clan mates. My 3rd clan mate tried to join and he was the first to get stuck at the loading screen. My other clan mate then logged off and couldn’t get back on with the same issue. My game then lost connection to the server and then I had the same issue stuck at the loading screen.

My Current Efforts:
Have submitted ticket report on funcom and g-portal. G-portal said it is an official server so told me to contact Funcom. No response yet from funcom, initial ticket submitted yesterday. A second ticket was put in today. Ping is currently 99. Players have sharply decreased from always near max 38-40/40, to now 22/40. So I suspect this issue is affecting a large population of the server, but some still have access.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Try logging in to server 3514 PS4 PVE Conflict
  2. May be region or device specific issue.
  3. I have heard on Reddit another user had this issue, a server reset fixed it for him. This may be a good first step
  4. Thank you for your help in advance

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