Server not loading

Every day/night for months now at a random time the official PVE server wont let anyone in until server reset which is usally a 10 or more hour wait. PLEASE fix this funcom i beg of you!!

Thanks, i did that also… America server 3828 PS4 fyi

So i get on early before the issue happens and im having a fine time roaming the wastelands and wouldnt you know… i lose connect to the server for a minute and get kicked out… Now i cant load back in until server reset which is 8 hours and 19 minutes from now.

Yes this has been the reality of PS4 since october last year, sadly theres nothing you can do but wait for the coming update, possibly next week lets hope.


Fingers crossed

Hello Group, official Server #8081 PvE. on the PlayStation 4 it takes time to load up and will not load into the server just hang up and you can hear water running in the background please help don’t want to lose all the hard work that I and my group of people made. PSN name is HollyWood_Sean clan name is BMW , please help