Game freezes, lag and bluescreens

Game mode: [Online | Multi player]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [US] Official pvp server 3538

[Freezes, lag, and bluescreens]
Eight times within 40 minutes the game has frozen, lagged, bluescreened. Both in the interior and exterior areas of the base. We have not added not one single light, thrawl, etc to the interior part of base.

*** Server sometimes shut downs and restarts. Usually only restarts. Today neither.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Walk into courtyard of base
  2. Craft something in your inventory
  3. Look into the vault
  4. Look or open up a locked chest
  5. Walk past set of 4 smelters
  6. Checking event log

Hello @SquashEm, thank you for pointing this out!

It seems that an automated server restart has been skipped on the 19th, we’re going to poke the team to look into the possible causes as this may lead to further instability and performance issues.

I’ve currently been waiting over 15 minutes for my room door to render so I can leave and start adventuring.
I have noticed over the last week items taking progressively longer to render and / or when trying to load into the game it will hang on 3/4 loaded indefinitely.
I know you’re adding some new content soon, but could you possibly not do it in the background. It’s making it near impossible to play the game.

Server: PVE-C Oceania (Official)

The above pve-c oceanic server took so long to even load in this morning that I died of thirst or hunger before I made it into the game… I would check the log but my health bar is still loading and options button does nothing.
Our server has been getting progressively worse for lag and loading times over the past few weeks, which some of us attributed to new content being added in the background.
While new content is great and all, the server stability and playability of the game should still be paramount, so please get it addressed with urgency

Thank you for looking into this. However even with regular server resets there are still lag and bluescreens issues. Will there be patches or fixed in the next update?

Fixing bugs and exploits while also improving performance and stability is definitely high in the team’s priority list, and there’s a bit of everything in the upcoming patch, which you can confirm by checking out the notes for the Test Live version.

Be mindful that these are currently for the PC only, as the console specific issues haven’t been disclosed just yet.

Servers glitching? Why goes offline and on @ 5 am then later in afternoons?

Server has cacked itself again, base was unable to be rendered for last 15 mins

Re-logged to see if that helped now stuck on load screen.

I don’t think you host these realms yourselves? But if this is a performance issue that’s presumably monitored, might be time to fire a rocket to implement some workarounds

There is one expected and automated restart that every official server goes through on a daily basis, which should always be around the same time. If the server shuts down more than once within a day it would likely be due to a crash, which will be logged for us to look into, but on rare occasions we might also force manual restarts as well.


Here you can see my clan mate standing there even though he logged out

After bluescreens logging back in receive this notification before being allowed to log back into the server

Then this msg. It happened @ least 4x yesterday. The game would load in, then crash to these notifications and I’d have to relog.

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I’m getting g blue screens from offline to, all gave server types, private and official.
But then every patch has to be patched. Lol

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