Screen freeze, instant death, false death-loot

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash | Bug ]
Region: [America]

[On official pvp server 3812 I was about to build a structure around two pens I placed holding 5000 hardened bricks, 2000 steel reinforcement and 1000 shaped wood with other tools. I walked up to the armored pen and my interaction dot passed by the pen and my screen froze which has been an often Glitch the past month where if I go across over 20 interactive items the tv screen is frozen but I can here background music.

So I closed the game and reloaded back to the server to see that I’m in the broken highway with nothing but a blue loincloth on, so I removed my bracelet to get me to a bed so I can reach a map room quickly and obelisk back to where the screen froze happen, but there was no body anywhere and the map shows a marker of Death- Looted even though I’m the only one on.


Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.hover the action dot over interactive items til the screen freezes but you can hear background music
2.close app
3.reload in server


Thank you for the report and the additional details. Sorry that you run into this issue.
Getting some eyes on this as soon as possible.


Such new issue, we really never heard of, yes please look into it, you might be able to fix it someday.
(please go ahead and have the “community” flag the post now)


Hi funcom , pleas be honest, Can you or can not you fix the stuttering, lags and freeze ?
it is unplayable, after half an hour one is bad from all this. if I worked like that I would be sued and come to jail.
i bought the collector’s edition and the dlc and i believed in you.
Holy smoke, until now you sell it as a finished game !?
no fear you do not hear anything anymore from me. now you can laugh about me and kick me out.


The more input and info we are getting the better we can pinpoint the issue which our tech team is following up on. Can we push a button to just fix it? No, I wish. But we can work towards improvements and we are constantly doing so :slight_smile:

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