Glitching, freezing, loosing a lot

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Having some pretty bad and very frustrating issues. I absolutely love the game but getting highly discouraged to play further. Using a PS4 with the game.

Problem 1. Glitching where the screen freezes and comes back or not at all and I’m forced to shut down and restart game.

Problem 2. After a restart it’s like playing a game a darts for what will happen next. The first time it happend I was upset and made it work because if the location that the game had transported me to was at the edge of the desert close to the Sierra right next to the frozen area. Was upset, but materials were awsome so I started to enjoy it even more even though I lost everything and was forced to restart in new location after days of gameplay.

Problem 3. Glitching is causing freezing in the game and only option is to close and restart. First time lost hours worth of work and upgrades and resources. Second time, all animals I already had in my thralls remained but could do nothing with them. They didnt move or interact. Plus the journey steps had reset also ( not the first time, also happening when the first problem occurred with new location also came the journey restart. ) reset again. This last glitch/freeze cause me to restart before a purge had happened! Hours and hours of gameplay and progression is lost! What the hell! Extremely frustrating, spent 10 minutes screaming at the TV! Hours of game play not minutes a bunch of hours waisted not once or twice but more than 3 times! Please, please, please, please, please fix these issues!!!
Your slowly losing interest in the game fan, John.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hey there @Hultsy

We’re sorry you’re experiencing these issues. You didn’t specify if you’re playing online or offline. Could you let me know? Also, if you’re playing online is it on an official server?

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hello, this is also happening solo


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