Performance issues

It’s a lot better than before , actually playable compared to before so no complaints. But still laggy at base in certain areas, and yeah just laggy on instances . Didn’t get blue/grey screen yet .


Good to hear still downloading

Update still blue screening / freezing but at least everything renders in . If you have a lot in your base you have to wait a bit before doing anything . Hopefully they just focus on performance and stuff like that


First time I tried to join our server said I needed to recreate character restart ps4 then I got in. We both got in a bit ago no problem so far.

Ok, good to hear, guys!
I haven’t played this weekend due to binge-watching a new TV-series, and today due to illness. So when I just read about the latest patch, I’m immeidately started downloading it and I’m waiting patiently to check out my game.

Always blue screening at base looking into vaults when fighting, and it’s actually getting annoying. Every time I’m looking at benches it will freeze. This needs to be fixed asap imagine base defence probably will die or freeze trying to do all that

Still no blue screens so far, but I had to log off twice while in the Challenge tab and the Bazaar. Lagging and freezing unfortunately started two days ago as well. And now I cannot place any of my new archer thralls due to "invalid placement"or “non-walkable place”… I’m tired…

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I have frozen from Bazaar and challenge. Trying not to scroll through them

Still having that issue myself. Tried on PS4 and I just get the blue screen crash. No matter if I try to go onto a private server that my friends and I own, play single player / co op or a official server. No matter what the game is just broken. re built my data and that did no surprise here absolutely nothing. Same issues on PC. It’s just fatal error no matter how I try to play the game. They need to address the issue and fix it. Instead of trying to cram predatory shops, and hide behind vague language. Can’t image that a player base that is vanishing is going to buy things from the battle pass …Nice work Funcom.


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