Couple of Questions

Ok PS4 people. I haven’t been able to check out the recent patch and need to know before I even attempt to download this…

Is everyone still crashing or freezing?

Are items still going missing?

How is just the overall play of the game?

Also Devs, I see what you posted about the 500 patch, I commend you on this. Problem is it doesn’t say it would be released to PS4 before you all left. Also the PC players are testing it out. What about console players? And realistically what is the last possible day you will be in office before leaving for the summer?

I’ve been playing without a hitch so far today, but time will tell.

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Have not had this issue, ever. Literally have been playing marathon six hour sessions on my days off with no issue like this. And played for several today since patch, with no problem either.

Haven’t had this issue either.

Well, only issue, barely one, I noticed when first getting into game post patch was thralls appearing to not be displaying by the nudity settings of the server or console. But that was it. After that, I did my usual post update server wipe on my dedicated, and haven’t noticed much pro or negative.

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Yes, still crashes and freezes, but I guess not everyone, but yes, they’re still there.

Yes, items still missing, but again, not for everyone, but it still happens.

The game seems to be a bit more fluid now, seems to lag a little less.

Devs posted about the 500+ patch as a possible launch for the PC before they go on vacation. Consoles most likely will get it sometime in August/September, depending on how it works out for the PC version.

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