Freezing and crashing a lot!

So, before the update I would crash/freeze in my base about 10 times through about a 6 hour time period. If heavy raiding was going on, it would be more like 20 every 2 hours.

But, after this update, I got on to play the new update and enjoy it, and I’ve only been on for an hour and a half, and I have crashed, froze, disconnected at least 8 times now. I keep failing to connect to the server after the loading screen is done after 5 minutes.

I literally spend more time trying to reconnect to the game, than I do playing it.

Honestly, give me back my stamina glitches, and take all the DLC’s I bought back, just take it all out at this point.

Orrrr, make it so my base can load in smoothly! I literally can’t play, and neither can my clan.

I know it’s a big base, but cmon. It’s official pvp, we need to be on to keep our stuff alive, and to constantly be getting items. Don’t throw away months of work that we have put in.

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