Ps4 constantly crashing

I just checked forums about the constant crashing on ps4 to find this problem is over a year old and still no fix. Its even worse now and funcom don’t seen to care. Keep adding new content to a broken, unplayable game is very sad and frustrating. Think i will just delete conan exiles since dont care about fixing it on console. Funcom i want a refund please.

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Before we had to replace Ps4 because it broke was working alright biggest plus on PS5 is loading into the game seems alot of people complaining about PS5. Some over crowded servers we played on were awful we had one of each at the time invisible doors and walls we didn’t stay there long to overly built. What kind of servers do you play on? @Adam darn almost flagged you fat fingers

Hello Adam, Conan Exile’s lack of optimization on consoles is a known problem.
Our comrades who play on Xbox Series X We get a Maj Next Generation, those playing on PS5 not had this chance.
Nevertheless certain problems are due to server performance and not to the console.
Alas I do not think that Funcom will proceed to a refund. As you were asking for, what game mode you played? Online, in solo-coop on private server?

Im having these problems on single player the game gets an error code and blue screen or some times just crashes on the disconect screen . When i reload the game things go missing like all my loot chests or all mt items on hot bar or thralls disappear . Its just unplayable. Sometimes it resets my research but doisnt reset my points. Its a complete mess so i stopped playing.

Solo-co-op and i have great connection, 4 hours of play and then crashes and that 4 hours of progression gone along with random work stations ,thralls and loot

From what I understand Conan exiles is at its worst in single player the console is working as a server and puts more of a load on it than playing online. Some suggest to connect with your bed before logging out makes a save. I know people who have only played offline.

Consider making backups on USB media or the PSN cloud. and as my friend @sestus2009 say force the internal save of the game by changing the place of the bed or adding a berth.

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Thanks I’ll try that

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