View inventory crash

Conan exiles
Official server 3431

The game will crash when I quickly select any crafting table or temple. For example if I run across my base and select any crafting station.

I’ve discovered that if I wait and give the game time to actually load the inv preview window it is less likely to crash.

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Greetings Exile,

Thank you for your report. Can you share with us your base location on the said server? As well as your clan name.

Feel free to reply via a direct message is you prefer. :slight_smile:

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It happens to me too on 8080 and 8006. What op says is valid!

Before I start, this is the flickering problem you have everytime you first visit an official server, after you visit the first time for a day, you don’t deal this problem again in other servers!

So let’s go back to the op.
Official 8006 EU Siptah! Location South Asuras sight E-F, 7.

Owned building pieces 1994
Owned place able items 354

Base size, look photo under

Followers 34.

Official server 8080 Siptah US!
Base location North of bloodmire 7F.
Owned building pieces 1637
Owned place able items 251

Followers 14

Base size, look photo under

If you run inside your bases and start checking your benches the crush is certain, especially on 8080 I am afraid the Garrison armorer bench!

But… In private servers low populated… Do as you wish, build as much as you like, you may have a crush in a day, maybe, sometimes you spend your whole day without a crush. Only in official servers I suffer constant crushing!
Thank you Mayra I hope this helps!

Ew… 8080 was actually my starting server. I had to abandon in favor of a server I could actually get into. It was always too full.

Anyway, are you on ps4 or ps5? I play on ps5 and I don’t get the inventory crashes. I noticed that happens on ps4 with mildly large (or very large) bases. My clanmates on ps4 have been crashing for a while, even before 3.0.

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Did you ever participate on 8080-3740 chat that @Zeb started from 3728 creation?

No, I was only on it for a day, then went to a different one. I still have a level 20-something there. I’m on pacific time, so it was always full by the time I tried to get on. I can’t imagine it’s still as busy as the first days though. I know servers have picked up popularity, since my server, 8064, is disgusting as well, but I don’t know if it’s crashing in the inventory. My clanmate on ps4 lags and rubber bands pretty often though. Ps5 textures are absolute garbage and the game will eventually crash at some point after the textures degrade too much the more you adventure. I’ve also noticed the server kicking everyone at odd times more often lately. We got kicked last night and we were just inside a house we were decorating.

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True, this is another problem many Siptah servers have since release! Anytime you wish send me a message and come to 8080 and claim my base. I am only logging in there to gift it to someone! I don’t play this way anymore and I don’t think I will ever return in this game logic again!
Other than that I love restarts :wink:.

Lol… I’m not sure I got the energy and time to claim a whole base on a new server, but I may be willing to take any farmed rarities for when/if transfers come back.

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