Inventory Crash

Every time me and my fellow Clans Mate and friend Logs into our server it Auto Crashes when we open our inventory. The game locks for about 6 seconds and then pops up with a crash report and asks to send it to FUNCOM now we have submitted many of these bug reports and we are without food and water and its only a matter of time before we die of thirst and hunger. Can we get someone whom can help fix this issue or direct us on how to fix the issue.Thank you as we are Dedicated Conan Exiles Players and Fans

Greetings TamhaTuTen!
Thank you for reporting this situation regarding the crashes of your game when you open the inventory.

In order for our team to properly assist you as fast as possible, could you provide us the following additional informations please?:
1 - Are you playing in a private or official server?
2 - If its an Official server, which server is it?
3 - If its a private server, are you playing with Mods?

We’ll await for your reply TamhaTuTen!

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