PS5 singleplayer graphics LOD flickers game crashes

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 5
Issue Type: Graphics
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: =SERVER TYPE=
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: =SERVER NAME=

Bug Description:

Starting with Chapter 2 texturing bugged out occasionally after some playtime sometimes, Level of detail flickering. After latest Chapter 3 patch not really playable anymore, starting flickering after around 2 minutes until low qualtiy stays (all over the map, even starting area at the desert). If i ignore the embarassing graphics the game crashes about 20min in. Tried to play online official, played ca. 20min new game around noob river, seems to work so far. Example video below.


I wish I could say this is new, but it’s been like this for while for me. I am on a server that has a couple of obnoxious clans with gigantic builds, and it usually starts when they log in.

Ok, it’s probably my fault. I play an XBox Series also and did not remember that on Playstation we have the vastly inferior last gen technology even on PS5. I made some tests with a complete new profile (no problems at all) and an old secondary profile lying around (~3500 build items and ~900 placeables), also no problems. My main singleplayer has around 9000 building items, 2500 placeables and way to much Thralls for decorative purposes. The problem arises no matter where i am on the map but letting al-Merayah render in triggers it almost instantly.

So where is the limit for the PS4 (on PS5)? On XBox Series X i am at ~10000 building items and ~3000 placeables and also way to many thralls, works Ok. I guess it is time to get rid of some of my buildings and Thralls from the old days, the days as someone could attack some specific enemy he wish to attack and doesn’t get confused and killed in a Mob of killer rabbits (i slowly get accustomed to the new combat system but it sucks nonetheless).

Great question. The answer depends on your system. I added a 3Tb M.2 SSD stick and I get that pulsing when players are around al-Merayah, because of the giant build right next to it.

Mostly, 10000 pieces plus thralls, flames, etc. is the limit for me.

I don’t think it is the amount of pieces, there must be another problem, memory leak with specific parts for example. I reduced the part count by over 2000 pieces with no effect. I can play without problem at volcano area or the frozen north, but at the desert area i can merely play 2 minutes before all detail went away. Only other changes besides update with Tavern and al Merayah is the bazaar sandstone set i purchased recently.

And if the problem starts it affects the whole map, and not only the textures went away but also parts of the geometry as seen here.

Another note (unfortunately my singleplayer game stays broken): If i play online official (#3181) contrary to my singleplayer game texturing recovers when i went away from bases (Texturing not proper working at B9&D11)

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