Crashes / Lag / LOD Textures Persist Post 3.0.3 Patch

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 4 Slim (1TB internal HD / 598G free space)
Issue Type: Crash
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands, Isle of Siptah
Server Name: 3890, 8050, 8054

Bug Description:

Pre-patch stability and playability bugs persist after installation of the 3.0.3 patch.

Bug Reproduction:

Issues include overall lag and hitching, LOD texture near builds of any size and large world camps, crashing near medium and large build or heavy graphics, crashing when using the map room or transportory stones and when using the sorcery staff.


Yes all that is happening. Put my Sorcery Staff in a chest for future generations. Look on the bright side you die you may end up in a dungeon. @jesikavondoom


Just to add too the list…

Challenge multipliers still not updating.

Haven’t recieved any for days even after the patch

One of our clan mates started on our server last week. He has the Playstation 4 pro and also has the well-known problems graphics/texture, long loading times around larger buildings. But he has no freezing/crashing. I was surprised that the PS4 and PS5 caused more problems than the PS4 Pro. Can anybody confirm this?

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 4 PRO
Issue Type: Gameplay / Graphics
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: PvE
Map: Isle of Siptah
Server Name: N/A

After again another patch, playing on PS4 PRO still has the same issues since 3.0/1.80:

  • textures, specially tree leeves, grass or bushes are invisible when logging in. Sometimes takes more than 1 hour until they finally appear.
  • some creatures still are partially invisible (eg: Dogs, Hienas) or totally invisible (eg: Rinos). Happens randomly on each and every play session.
  • Texture Lag & Framerate issues are horrible. Sometimes the game feels like watching a powerpoint slide session. Happens randomly but quite often.
  • Sound lag - randomly happens during combat, sometimes more than 5 seconds delay
  • Walking inside base sinks my character on the ground, here and there, randomly (a bit better than 3.0 though)
  • Sometimes opening an inventory (player/workshop, etc) takes more than 7 seconds, to the point I wonder if the game is crashing
  • Some armor textures (eg: Cimmerian gloves) or creature textures (small turtles) do not render properly. Only after 1 minute or so they appear and disappear again randomly.
  • The option Performance / Quality is completelly gone from the menu since Age of Sorcery launch.

All of the above were reported at Age of Sorcery version 3.0 - They were never fixed.

Come on… after all this time into “Age of Sorcery” you still haven’t fixed these major issues? It’s not only PS4, but on all platforms including PC.

I’m sure one of the main issues with the game is having the shops dynamically running in the background. If I go to the Bazaar shop it immediately appears in full sound/glory - this sounds like it is running already in the background, eating machine resources. Be smart and do like Ubisoft does on AC games, you press the shop and are redirected to another application, not on the same game - if you leave the shop the resources are free again.

Never I saw the game running this bad, since the beginning.
Never I saw patches over patches ignoring completelly major issues like the above.

We bought the game, DLCs, people are dynamically playing it. Be more careful with the players that love the franchise & are paying, otherwise you are not worthy of the player base & the world of Conan


Yes me who is playing on a PS5 and my friend who is playing on a PS4 have the same issues, especially the ones with the leeves, grass and bushes being invisible.


I logged into Siptah Saturday morning after playing on Thursday night.

On Thursday, it was winter on the island. No leaves, no bushes, and the little dudes with the spears around the tower were invisible. However, after the maelstrom ended, the bushes returned quickly.

Saturday morning, I was the only player online. Everything, I mean everything was available. There was no lag, all the leaves and bushes were visible, and all the creatures showed up. I went in a vault after an hour of play, and came out to winter again. There were also 10 other players who logged in while I was in the vault. Believe me, I noticed.

We have an abundant number of players who think they need the biggest base on the island. I would bet that there are only a handful of clans that would not get banned for their builds if reported. We one guy, ONE GUY, who has eight, EIGHT, 8, bases that are roughly 100 sq foundation size, and multiple out buildings. He’s a one man clan.

I have no doubt that the number of immense bases that must be rendered when multiple players are online contributes to the problem. If I play a solo game, I don’t have the problems. At this point, we are considering just taking our games to a private server again.


We rented a Siptah server at times the trees look like a forest fire went down. Then greenery comes back later only 2 people very little building

The game is probably unfixable. They NEVER tested this or CARED before releasing it. Maybe both? did i miss something here?


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