Isle of Siptah unplayable on PS4

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I want a refund!!!

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No info whatsoever save for “ I want a refund “ :+1::+1: you’ll definitely get this problem sorted right quick :joy:


You would need to contact the PlayStation store where you made your purchase.

It’s strange because I have been playing the PlayStation version since it launched, and I’ve not really had that many issues.

Yes some places currently take a few seconds to render. Is that what you mean by unplayable?


Has not been much worse than Exiles map.I will be logging on soon.

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Sorry original poster, but I disagree. Yes the game does not operate perfectly, but it is 100% playable and enjoyable!! I play on PS4 on official server. I have not seen any evidence that the game is “unplayable” as you say.


Not much worse, or not much better? I play Exiles offline so can’t even blame Siptah or a server, yet I have pretty much every issue I read on these threads; unable to place thralls or building items for no good reason, thralls disappearing or dying for no good reason, (not to mention their inabilty to survive any kind of combat) any light source glairng out colours, building pieces vanishing (along with, of course, the nudity option) and more. Sure it looks good but, after being reduced to a building game, I’m now unable to even build reliably. I do hope they fix the Exiles soon, I used to really enjoy it.

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I am sorry to see you having so many problems. Hopefully next patch corrects many of them.

Honestly don’t understand why some people have more issues than others I wonder if it could be the individual Ps4, s my wife has offline game on both her machine and mine with out anything she has mentioned. Of course offline she mostly builds using admin.

It would help if you left some details dude. We have a hundred players enjoying it on our server. So definitely not unplayable. Bugs yes, i think the most annoying has been thralls walking through doors or right over fences. And the boss rendering has been bad but i am sure they are working on that.

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I disagree with you.


Depending on the agreement, you may (or may not) possibly get a refund by returning the game to original store of purchase.

Please contact the store directly since, you will not get a resolution on this forum.

Good luck.

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I can not speak for siptah because I don’t have it at the moment. But the reasons why I don’t buy it are the issues I have in exiles land. The biggest one is the pvec loading screen and new ones with invisible enemies and other things. Yesterday my pve base started to load more than a minute. Benches and other stuff was invisible. Also the doors. That’s new on pve… I know this from pvec before it completely goes down. My base is not small but also not really huge. And it was not a problem until yesterday.
But I still have the low grafics when I move. The render time is horrible and my eys try to catch the focus everytime.
I am still playing anyway so I can not say its unplayable for me. But I am very carefull outside and don’t go to places where its unplayable becouse of invisible enemies. All of my friends and many other people i know stopped playing a long time ago. For them it was unplayable…

When I am looking on pvec than it is unplayable because you can not login…

I come here nearly every day and hoping to read good news about all of this gamebreaking issues. Maybe there will be a miracle in the future that let me call my friends back to a playable game.

You said it yourself, the game has flaws. However, I e not heard or read from Funcom, that their game was broken when they ported go Console or that they put out broken dlc or… Or… OR!!!

Just keep distributing broken merchandise and hoping us sheep, will. Continue to purchase, because we’ve seen a really cool video introduction we perceived was actual gameplay.

Ok, so what you are telling me, it’s not the game, it must be the PlayStation 4?

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Hey @RabidChimp805

To request a refund, please get in touch with the storefront where you bought the game from. Unfortunately, we don’t handle refunds.

Since this is the bug reports forums and this isn’t a bug report, we’ll proceed to close the thread.
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