Conan Exiles-Isle of Siptah

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Bug Description:

I can’t even enter the southern portion of the map. As soon as I cross over from the Isle of Dusk biome into the southern soot covered mountain area my game just freezes. This happens every single time I’m in this area. I always have to restart game and then quickly enable admin commands to be able to teleport out of the area before it happens again. If i so much as move the whole game freezes. This happens playing solo or with a clan. So bottom line i cant even access a huge portion of the map. I understand this expansion is new but it’s been on PC for months. The sheer amount of bugs and problems it has right now are quite ridiculous. And as I’ve never really seen a reply in any funcom thread regarding this game i imagine this will go unseen and close in seven days. But this is ridiculous.

Expected Behavior:

To be able to play the game and access the full map without crashes.

Steps to Reproduce:

Be in the southern biome.

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