Siptah crashing and bugs

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Crash
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Isle of Siptah
Server Name: 6111
Mods: None

Bug Description:
Traveling to the south of the Siptah map 7 and below we are experiencing freezing, rubber banding, crashing, glitches and bugs. This seems to include losing death loot. Traveling via Trasportary Stone is causing instant game crashing and crashing upon trying to re-enter the server. ReVerifying files or reinstall of the game does not fix any problems.

Bug Reproduction: simply walking or traveling via transportory stone. It seems random when it hits. The crashes and bugs most often happen soon as you hit 7 on siptah and go lower. Theres nothing we seem to be able to do to change it/


Welcome to the Forum. That is part of the reason decay has been turned off on Siptah. We are on PS5 playing further north games working normal some invisible npcs Funcom is aware most likely pc will get a patch before consoles. @GrimViolet

We are having the same issue on our PC server. Any time we approach the SW part of the map the game freezes and usually shuts the game down. When it doesn’t, it will freeze and then when it unfreezes I’m somewhere else on the map and can’t move because my character is glitched in place. I don’t have any problems with this anywhere else on the map, but it never fails to happen when approaching the SW middle island with the volcano activity.

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Same problem. Worst around the SW Island I believe is referred to as Ashlands(?). There are 3 of us playing on PCs (Steam) on a private server hosted on Nitrado. We’ve played through Exiles, got bored, bought and started Siptah around 40 days back. I got a bit ahead and had already explored a lot down in that area, so I know it WAS working. Now they are ready and we usually can’t even get more than 60 seconds into that dark SW island before it locks up. Sometimes fatal crash (submitted multiple automatic reports), sometimes a 60 second hang. Regardless, when you get control back, you and your thrall/pet are some random distance away. Tonight I was on and not locked up when it happened to one of the other players. He was eventually crashed out and had to come back in. But while watching the map, I saw his marker just casually drifting accross one of the larger lakes to the east of the dark island. Sure enough, he gets back on (thankfully didn’t loose his thrall or die), and he’s on the side of the lake where I saw his marker automatically traveling to.

We’ve been seeing this for the last few days as we try to do things in that area. Restarts, reboots, turning down graphics, nothing seems to help. I finally started searching and found out it’s apparently (near?) universal and affecting most people on all systems. We are at a point we need to access this area, so hopefully they (Funcom) will deign to at least respond with some information (better yet, a fix) soon. But it seems that much like the media, they simply refuse to acknowledge anything they don’t like exists. How do you release a MANDATORY!!! update this jacked up and then sit silent for weeks as your customers deal with it. And then just ignore them on your own forum? And they want us to spend MORE money on all this DLC noise when their biggest DLC is bugged to hell and they ignore it? I wonder how Valheim is coming along. Maybe CoF? Couldn’t be any more buggy or frustrating than this…

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I rented a server anp purchased siptah for 3 of my friends. Current 3/4 of us are consistently crashing. Mostly around the south west of the map but occasionally in other zones. I understand that this isn’t a new issue, but has anyone found a fix or even done anything towards fixing this at all?

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@Hightower that is why decay is currently turned off on official Siptah server’s the lower Islands and currently bugged on most platforms. Head north some. We are playing on Siptah pve-c ps5 and working ok Funcom knows of the problem when it will be fixed is unknown :grinning: Welcome to the Forum

c est totalement anormal ils se doivent de respecter leur contrat !!! il vendent un produit , il le rendent defectueux , il doivent le reparer, un contrat se respectent pour les 2 parties !!! . il sont hors la loi !!!

Its crazy…
Half the game is unplayable

But I’ll try to be optimistic… after holidays they’ll fix it, I hope…

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Currently playing on Siptah pve-c ps5 not having a problem avoiding the Southern part.

We need to make more noise on social media to push Funcom/ConanDevs to actually take care already and talk to us. So far not even any further word on it and we are waiting for weeks already.

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