Why have i Never seen any rain or weather systems except sand storms on my PS4 digital version, playign co-op?

Game mode: Co-op
Problem: No rain or weather systems at all
Region: [Here]

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I see rain regularly, but my base is on the outskirts of the desert near the jungle.

But even at that it’s pretty rare occasion. I’ve seen it snow in the north once. Mostly. Just see Sandston though.

More variance would be welcome.
Real world desert for instance have electrical storms often. Also, in southwestern US at least, rain almost always comes after dust/sand storms.

More rain would likely be common in the north as well when conditions aren’t right for snow considering much of the landscape seems to be modeled after the highlands in England (aka Scotland). You know places where it rains more often than the sun shines?

Maybe more taxing on console resources though, I dunno. The game can’t even render textures and enemies when they’re insight so…

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Ty for the reply. Id be tempted to say this might be a console issue, except that i only play CE in co-op, and my partner sees rain regularly, both in the beginning deserts and now in the swamp, since we arrived there. He’s playing a disc version, and mien is digital. Ive literally never seen one drop of rain and im level 31. Something is def wrong…i wonder if i might uninstall, or re-download?

Perhaps. Rains isn’t all too common in the desert itself. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it rain anywhere that isn’t at least near the edge of the jungle. Jungle seems to be rain all the time. And the north occasionally as I said still rare.

I’m also ps4 digital copy, Pro even (which seems to have significantly worse performance than the regular PS4.) but I couldn’t say, it’s possible you had some kind of corruption in the download. I’d test it. Spend some time in the jungle if you haven’t already. If you still don’t see rain there after an in-game day or two… Then there’s a bigger issue at play.

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I never see rain either.

What zone are you mostly playing in? Up north I have had seen a fair bit of rain

I’ve been in the desert mostly, but I spent a good amount of time in the swamp and it never rained there. Although, this was probably two or three patches ago so yeah…

It does not seems like that console versions does have rain at all, I hear something like it, but does not see anything even close to rain in PC seen videos

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I have base by the swords in the north… rains all the time everyday… base PS4


Yeah one of my bases was in the north and it rained all the time ha I was sick of it. Doesn’t rain much in the frozen north though


yeah not seen any snow. be good if there was a few blizzards up there. One of the things i used to love about the Dividsion was the weather syastem. Sometimes i would just stop to view the snow lol.


I dont see rain anytime and i play 10 h eeveryday…

I have the PS4 Digital version
I can understand no rain in the desert (its a desert)
I have my base in the highlands and it rains all the time or at least 60% of it,
but sometimes i do get a sandstorm in the middle of a rain storm …

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It’s platform independent bug Weather system? Rain? Armors getting wet?

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Yes, there definitely seems to be something amiss/inconsistencies and we are looking into it. Thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience :slight_smile:


Yeah I only get sand storms. I have been to northern regions briefly but have my main base in noon valley so I have not had enough time to see if it rains or anything, but last time I checked it still rains in the desert so it is strange that in the game (at least me) has yet to see any rain and I’ve played since official release.

It still rains in the desert but not very often. But I get your point.

I can see all types of weather effects, dense snowing, lightning storms/rain, windy weather…but some of my clan friends cant see any type of weather effects…


This has been a known issue since beta!! why did you decide to push out a broken, half finished game? and its been ten days, maybe you should give us an update on this issue?

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I don’t have more news for you other than that the devs are looking into it.

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