Weather system? Rain? Armors getting wet?

We’re still collecting feedback on this. It seems super inconsistent and frankly, mindbogglingly weird.
If it doesn’t work for you please make sure to state which platform, type of server and game mode you are playing on. Thanks much!

We’ll get you those weather effects!

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Also confirmed, was in french version, move to english, here comes the rain … Gportal dedicated, pvp cool. PC

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It’s pretty consistent if you ask me - i didn’t seen weather since release :slight_smile:
PS4, official PvP server - #3130, server language - DE, client language - RU

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The weird thing is that a lot of players have no issues, while some only have issues on single player and others on multiplayer too. One thing that seems to be a common though, is that at least part of the issue is linked to language. It only rains in English! mindblown


A lot of players are lucky to have same locale as server, or play in English if it’s broken for every locale except it :slight_smile:

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I’m playing single player, in either solo mode (before) and now, recently, on a local dedicated server… and never had issues with rain and weather effects.

This is in Steam PC/English both game and Windows, and with mods ofc… ton of mods :stuck_out_tongue:

Not ALL English. LOL!!! My SP and SP PvE are both already set in English…but they are not on Official or Remote Servers either. My Private Server is on a separate computer though (very beefy for server use) but it is behind the router with no public access (currently…may be after bug squashing).

Also to note…and my pics posted at the top ‘As Proof’ :smiley: worked PRIOR to the May Release. So likely there is a ‘Code Flag’ that gets set or some Percentage that is getting set to 0 since the May Release. If you folks keep separated projects for each release (I know…HUGE data storage) you could probably reverse engineer the updated flags by having both projects sitting side by side and having a look.

Just an idea from a coding perspective. :slight_smile: :heart_eyes: :sleeping:

Playing SP English PC. Had rain in TestLive pre-launch. No rain since going live at launch. Switched back to TestLive about 2 weeks ago and still no weather.

All of those stuff have nothing to this issue, it’s just hardcoded string comparison in weather applying logic, tested it out, on DE server it does rain with english locale, too bad there’s no wet effect on PS4

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Sorry but I have personally coded my own Genesis Weather Systems in both Unity (I give out a public version for Free) and UE4 and they have nothing to do with Single Player vs Multiplayer in either engine. So it is simply the way Funcom implemented it.

Past info…we had 4 people on a PvE server in CE-EA and we were all standing around chatting about what we were going to do. I mentioned how nice the new rain is looking…1 other had it and the other 2 did not…we were standing less than 2m from each other.

So it is SOMETHING in how the Client Flags are being set and I doubt they are even being syncronized by the server. Kind of a Local ‘Flavor’ only feature…which is in fact bad implementation.

Also…I looked at their Admin Codes in a dump list and there is nothing to set weather.

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No rain in SP since I bought the game. Only time I’ve seen rain is on an official server. On non official server there was no rain too. MB it is a setting that we can’t toggle and it is still in game and removes rain ? It does not remove the sandstorm because it has an effect on the gameplay, but rain/snow does not. What if official servers have rain because they was created before that setting ?
*just and assumption

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I play on a private server. I get sandstorms in the desert and rain in the highlands and swungle. Have been since launch. There swungle has heavy rain (corresponding to sandstorms in desert) too. Everything seems to be work fine for me. I play on PC.

Are you talking about this setting? It does not function. And the code in the Tilde is obfuscated or not available to Admins…so…which is probably why it does not work. Likely sitting at Zero since that is default in a variable if not explicitly changed. If it is a slider it would most likely be a public variable…just a guess/clue.

Look…‘The Language Fix’ is not really a fix and has nothing to do with Language…EXCEPT for the fact the somehow they tied the Server Default Language to English and Somehow Rain, Snow, Particle FX, and MANY other things went ‘Under That Umbrella’. Weather has to do with HOW they are IMPLEMENTING their…Get this…WEATHER VOLUMES. I wish Funcom (and peeps would just ‘Get it’).

Here is Proof…I’ll show it Step By Step so it can be tried by everyone.

There are MANY weather propagation volumes that Funcom implemented. I saw these right away…and these are triggered…CLIENT side. Meaning…as proof in the previous statement above…4 Clients on 4 Different Computers all had Different Weather…2 Had Rain and 2 Did Not…the Rain was heaviest and darkest on My Computer and the other had ‘Good Rain’…the other 2 had different mixes of partly cloudy Sky.

In this exact location (in the red box) is a Cross Over between a Rainy/Partly Cloudy Weather Volume and a Cloudy/Snowy Weather Volume.

Head to that spot on the ridge and watch what happens to the clouds…they will instantly change back and forth as you walk 5m in either direction. Don’t believe me? Then DO IT.

Here is what the sky looks like when going up the ridge and lower valley.

Here is what the sky looks like once in the Cloudy/Snowy Weather Volume. I took this a little further up where is it ALWAYS snowing and to test if changing the video settings have any effect on FX Particles.

I also was curious if the Medium/High/Ultra FX setting changed since the May Release. It did not change. Going below Medium on FX has major differences on the Ghost Wall. Medium and Higher does not do much at all. There are other FX in the game you can see the changes but not as much as the Ghost Wall which has a really stretched texture.

So in the End…it is something that was Disconnected when changes were made…possibly that were encapsulated in the English Language ‘Rules’ and are not transferred properly when the language switch happens. Or it simply may be another Coding Variable that was changed and lost in the heap of other Coding Variables that changed and ‘Looks Like’ it is supposed to do something but all the coders point at someone else as responsible. Happens.

Ohhh…lastly. I contracted my Unity conversion to UE4…BUT…for Funcom and with all this money they made COULD/SHOULD have implemented Simul truSKY which has a specifically designed plugin to UE4 that works out of the box. I used the trial version and it works and works really well. Google it and watch the videos if curious.

Anyhow…moving on.

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Are you playing official?

Private server here, PVE relaxed. Three regular players. All of us have changed from Spanish to English and tadaaaa, the solution worked fine for all of us. Now we can see rain without problem. Not sure yet about snow :thinking:

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You have the makings of a promising QA tester :wink:

It has bee noted as a bug a while ago and we’ll make sure the thread and the feedback you guys are giving us is checked by the Dev Team. Please mention what platform you are playing on in your replies/feedback.

Thank you!


Did you adjust any of the settings as an admin in SP by chance?

It is simply a design implementation and decision upon that implementation that Weather does not need to be networked (meaning it is not a critical system…visual feature only). It is impossible to make rain drops and snow flakes identical…they are math driven particle FX (and possibly Camera FX). That is fine though as long as the ‘Intensity’ and ‘Cloud Intent/Thickness’ is relatively the same. If done properly there only need be 5 variables that the client needs from the server.

The main issue still is…because they have the weather being generated via their Weather Volumes they will need to re-write their top end so that the Server Triggers these based upon the client’s position then updates the variables so the Client can ‘See’ what the Server is determining weather type in that ‘Zone’. Then there has to be a check in the code If Not Connected to Server allow SP positioning to trigger.

The framework for it is there…just needs a solid re-write.

Again…moving on. Last post here.

Thanks. Appreciated.