Regarding the notorious wet/rain inside building and cold/warm armor values

Even tho the latest patches have been a massive sucess i have a few things that bother me.

Now as this have been discussed many times before why not applie a little bit of QL changes so that we dont have to live in that depressing state for so long?

My point is to lighten up on the rain up north a bit, make the rain come but not as often as now.

Really, it makes the living up there really depressing, and when you go inside a building to get warm and cosy, work at the blacksmith or watch a danceshow you just cant anymore, it gets to you after a week of straight rain:(

In the later state of the game it is useful to be near the best material and thralls, that means a lot of people settle up north in the green area near New Asgarth.
Believe me when i say that personally i have to log off during the rain now, sometimes it newer ends and i am just bored and depressed after a playsesison like that.

Suggestion regarding weather:

  1. 1 rain day in 7 cycles, not random where you can have many days of this untill it is fixed.
  2. fix the enviroment so it do not effect the inside of a building, it`s not just depressing, it ruins the whole point of getting shelter.

Armor and cold/warm effects:
The armor values do not register correctly, and believe it or not, but thats a wery important feature to the game experience.
If i order cold weather cloting from my armorer i want it to work as intended, if not whats the use of grinding for it?
As pr now it do not register, you do not see the difference between normal/flawless/epic gear exept the armor difference witch do not effect heat or cold damage at all.

The armor values allways show 1 heat or cold, in the stats page it shows 1, and sometimes 3 with the same armor equipped.
Now, how am i suppose to have the enjoyment of getting a nice fur coat and believe in the process if it gives me nothi8ng?


  1. Fix the stats on the item so it shows when marked.
  2. Fix the stats page to give correct value.
  3. GTive all the items the correct value when mouseover so we can at least see how much it gives intentionally.

Thats all

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What do you mean? I have a thick, luxurious fur coat and it keeps me nice and cool inside an active volcano. Err… Nevermind. As you were.

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