New map please. Funcom <3

I know to some degree isle of siptah is pretty new but can we have more something with actual needs to endure the weather far more than the human environment? I feel the first didn’t do it well enough, there isn’t a weather system in isle of siptah so most heat and cold resistant stuff is moot and to be honest it was a big part of enjoyment for me on the first one until I had the perk to reduce it and then felt bummed out.

Isle of siptah also has weather so why no heat/cold aspects to it? I mean enough wind to make someone cold for sure!

If something is in the works maybe Funcom would give us a sweet hint? :yum:

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I doubt Funcom will do another CE map right now. They have Dune to work upon.


I think there’s about a 85 to 90% chance that 3.0 coming out soon, will have a new map associated with it.


Regardless of when I want it to severely emphasize on weather and survival in such conditions that it even makes pvp pvc and pve harder to survive the elements and the humans, the players and animals seems so fun and so much can be done with weatjer, fog, poisonous fog, thunder, rain etc etc. Volcanic eruptions to dodge from magnificent sight to hope for


They gotta keep up with ark if they want more customers, Siptah failed compared to EL.

They’re not necessarily competing for the same audience. Sure, there’s some significant overlap of players who want to play open-world survival - but for many, the deciding factor is the Conan IP still going strong after almost 90 years. To me, ARK never held any attraction. Now Dune, on the other hand…

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I don’t think they will release a new map.

They enabled modding support for new maps with Siptah.

If you want a new map, try out mods or make your own.

about new stuff in conan itself there is some things
so far conan is better than ark or any similar games, but one problem is player base, and well from experience, i can say some things

  1. No player damn know who he wants because when it comes , they just dont use it… i myself had bad experience in another game, everyone wanted automated food system, and when i made mod for it nobody played it anymore
  2. to make something new first need to fix bugs in first 2 maps…
  3. players already are like 40% OK and 60% griefers who say they can bug usage… but players are not so much for more maps… means if now merged servers who has 17 players 17/40 20/40 at max then will get like half of it :D…
  4. Servers themself now dying when they have more than 20 players online…
    4.1) this by the way was mistake in my opinion what funcom did, by merging serrvers yes it cost money, but better would be not merge them but halfing the player count from 40 to 20… like i readed someone added waiting queues to servers, so i have question - so far i never found full 40 player server and like said before with 20 players servers already dying…

Agreed with all of this.

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