More deco, and for Siptah new recipes for cooking and maybe in future a north small area with snow biome

Conan has a beautifull game, but have a small pieces for deco, there is a lot of mods on steam, but we need a oficial deco, like tables, food decoration, maybe a windmill, i see as a exemple the deco with come on AoC mod, new banners, rugs, if we see the HQ or even the movies, Conan is not only about a desert places, but have a lot of stuff to put on, will be very welcome this kind of decorations. The other thing is a new recipes for cooking in siptah, and the north area will be amazing with a snow area. Siptah map is incredible, I hope to see some of this things in future.

Do you have the dlc’s? They bring a lot of small pieces. In my opinion stuff like this is really where mods come in. As for the snow biome, I’ve seen others asking for teleporting as well. Not much point moving out of the exiles lands if everyone keeps asking for Siptah to have basically the same stuff as the original map. I’d rather see terrain we don’t already have for Siptah to make it unique and worth the trouble of buying and playing on. Just my thoughts.

I understand your point of view.
In fact when I mentioned a cold biome it is due to the fact that, even though it is a beautiful island, it lacks a dynamic climate, such as rain, humid weather, even cold, if observing through the fields is in fact a cold island, it would be just interesting . Teleporters I am not in favor, because you can quickly cross the map, running or on horseback.

I’d love to see food placeables. I play PS4 and I have a gorgeous dining hall, all decked out but with no “life” on the tables. Food, and some colour etc would add a nice touch.

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