Funcom should expand the map in all directions. There's clearly landmass that could be used

Rolling Hills and beautiful vistas. Sure there isn’t anything there “now” But add trees, resources and thrall camps and i can see it being used. The map doesnt have

Would you mind doing a screen capture of the map with that area highlighted?
Looks familiar to me.

I mean look at what mod creators can do: Steam Workshop::The_Isle_of_Tir-na-nOg SUMMER-map

Screen shot of the southern area alone.
Its pretty obvious at this point that Funcom just doesn’t want to expand the map. No profit on that.

Thanks for posting the link to that map. Looks really cool & will have to check it out :+1:

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no problem, it’s worth it!

I downloaded the mod and flew around in single-player. It looks impressive! I don’t know what the creators did to get around the engine limitations that @Multigun explained so many times before, but whatever they did ended up looking really nice.

Here’s the thing, though: how do you think something like that would perform on console hardware, or on official server hardware? It’s easy to say “expand it” when you ignore a big part of the playerbase they have to support :wink:

That said, I agree that it’s not really in their interest anyway, unless someone could come up with a way to tie it to the Bazaar and generate some profits from it. That’s the way it is with Funcent :man_shrugging:

Just took a look at the steam workshop - they have different seasons! Time to download the winter version and try to forget this summer heat :crazy_face:

That’s the thing isn’t it, how to make it work for consoles.

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