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Hi there Conan Exiles Players!

Thank you Funcom for the latest update it is a very welcomed patch, imo (:

I have heard alot of Rumors that dungeons are located in some of the places of the screenshots.

But I was thinking, that alot of land is available some place more than other.
I will just share these screenshots with you all, most of you will prolly already know this (:

I share this cus I love this game & I want the game to increase (: I was hoping alot for an MMO version of Conan Exiles, so room for upgrade is always great!

It has been discussed many times and nothing has changed so nothing to discuss further. Multigun summarized it well here:


Age of Conan is pretty close, minus building. Conan Exiles is pretty much the result of cut features of AoC that were a bit beyond the technology of the time of its release.

yeah i know its just abit outdated for my taste, sadly ):

I wish they would make a Age of Conan 2, using everything from Conan Exiles (:

One main issue is loading, Loading on exile lands is just… forever. (And we still load in before we can move and open for attacks/weather etc)

Adding to exile lands is abit touchy.

Not mention 2 of Dungeons are in sky. Visible if your to close. So a huge area around them need to be cut off. Which doesnt leave to much outside abit to south, North of Pirates Bay. (which I’m surprised didnt get nudge with some extra stuff. Or one camp on edges, allowing eastern passage.

South west you have spawn spot (were you make your character) Dregs is safely below ground.
Not much to work with over there anyway.

South, you could hide a dungeon in vast wastes… I think most people know to go North. You push green wall to far south, might make new player roam to much in nothing…

I think hidden cave be neat down there.

I’m more intrested in some minor changes to map, then large land mass… they can always do a New Map… thou preferably a New game.


Hiding stuff in vast sand area… I like it :slight_smile: Create an event that spawn like a desert storm giving you access to a dungeon only when that happen? :slight_smile:

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