We will be honest

Well, first I must to thank devs and Funcom team for making this Conan Exiles wonder possible, of course almost no one knows the huge work behind, really thanks.

On the update of the mounts I will be honest: they are amazing and much better than many of us
thought I never thought they were going to move with such smoothness and consistency on the ground
just like the combat system, I’m surprised and I’m not the only one although there are still things to polish.
Now, when we travel the lands of exile either on foot or with our horses we see that everything has
changed for the better and that is great, it’s an amazing map that has been made with great dedication… but I can’t help looking at some empty map areas (the upper right and lower right corners) there is something missing. New biomes or new map to complete this great adventure would be a great thing, I know it’s a lot of work but there’s the last effort … how easy it’s to simply say it.

Anyway thanks for doing Conan Exiles and keep up the great work. :+1::+1:


New biome please…and I pray for Yamatai city/zone and Pict zone + new face presets + Yamatai for character creation

yup! more than 3k hours of pure joy , excitement and new friends!!! THANK YOU !!!
ur not perfect, and more could be done to make more players love u, but really ur effort is appreciated , even when we whine about something!!!
A big heads up from my side as well!!!

keep up!

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they said that they won’t be adding any new biomes unfortunately

but some exceptions of biomes would be nice like make the savanna larger

but yes i think they did a good job with it
all we need now is a carriage that can hold more people

and donkeys!

I know, it is sad for me…but hey! I can dream about it…a big forest with Picts…an island…more mountains but without snow or perma-rain…a new city based in Kithan and/or Yamatai with their respectives NPC…


i had a few ideas like a Sulfur and brimstone area wear the sharterd springs are

larger savannah spanning across the border of the Grasslands

and a few more

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That’s where the dungeons are. The maximum map size in Unreal Engine 4 is limited and everything has to be on the same map. That’s why when you enter certain dungeons, you go through a loading screen, while you’re teleported into that corner of the map.

For those more technically inclined: I’m aware that UE supports multiple levels (maps), but Conan Exiles is not using that yet, so adding it would be non-trivial and it might even result in needing beefier servers :wink:

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I know, but I don’t think those dungeons occupy all those empty areas we really don’t know, although it depends on how those dungeons are organized and the empty spaces they have.
However, it’s not a technical problem they know how to solve they did it with the mounts and more, will depend on where the team focuses with the dlc content of next 2020.

I have read this explanation many times, but it’s not entirely true, there’s a lot of unused space. Just go in admin mode to see that the various dungeons (which are also found at different ends of the map) do not occupy the space at the top right. This space is also huge, modeled and textured (although roughly). We can easily see that it is perfectly exploitable to extend the map.

If Funcom once said it was a space for dungeons, I think they said it’s a space they reserve in case of new dungeons.

Anyway it’s not an excuse, nor the size limit of the map in the Unreal Engine is. Dungeons can be made under the map without problems (this is already the case of some of them). They could even be made on a separate map.

If you want my opinion it’s the same kind of excuse as when they said it would be impossible to have mounts. No effort to find an alternative solution.

I’ve just made a video and some screens:

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There is a tablet in the north near the frost temple. Says something about headed further north is dangerous and such. Made me think at first there was another city or something i didnt know about. So they set it up, but failed to implement it

I’m not saying they’ll never use that space for more biomes. They might. But they also might keep it reserved for future dungeons. Personally, I’m betting on the latter, but who knows.

You could do instanced NPC areas without adding pull seamless biomes.

I would certainly like to have a few more friendly NPC lore areas.


Thankyou for clearing that up Kearsan, I was just about to do so myself when I spotted your posts. At this point in time the Cursed Wall rests on grid row number 9. However, dungeons dont begin until ro 16 and above in that area of the Map. So with 7×6 squares in between them, we have potentially up to 42 squares to work with. To give that number some context, that is double the combined size of the Highlands and Tundra biomes! The only question that remains, is if there is a willingness to do it.

The Frozen North and Volcano biomes already stretch both to and beyond the equivalent points in the North-Western corner of the Map. They expand as far outwards as row A, and as far North as row 14. Just for the benefit of those who cannot traverse there themselves, there is nothing North of the Volcano, just yawning abyss. I would also like to state for the record here that I have not only spent prolonged periods of time wandering around beyond the Cursed Wall, but have also built thriving and fully functional settlements there. The game functions completely normally in the North Eastern corner. And finally, to further strengthen the cause, please bear in mind that the entire Map has just recent been completely been reworked and improved to allow for the implementation of Mounts.

Here is a very good past discussion on subject for any who may be interested.


That sounds very interesting and exciting! Can you point me towards more info on that?

I think I did a poor job of explaining myself here. Not as in they redesigned its appearance and the NE corner CodeMage. But rather they changed the way it renders. I am not an overly technical person, but based on what I read, Mounts were previously not possible because as the character traversed around the map, the ground (essentially tiles of it) render beneath the character to prevent them falling through the Map. However, consoles were unable to render at the same speed as PC, and the character and their Mount would fall through the Map in early testing (owing to the increased speed of the Mount). I vaguely remember in early explanations that they said in order to make Mounts possible, the Map would need to be completely reworked. I am not claiming with certainty that this will automatically translate to a greater probability of transforming that section of the Map. Only that it has recieved a thorough rework recently, and I can only hope and logically assume, that it has now been strengthened and performs better. My friend @TwoJay would be better equipped to explain the technical side of things. Please forgive me if my explanation was poorly conveyed, or came actoss as misleading here. I am merely pointing out that they were recently under the metaphorical hood and fine tuned the engine.

EDIT: while I cant think of a specific thread where they discussed early issues surrounding how they game previously loaded with Mounts, you could try to poke around. Although there is a whole heap of them…


I also always recognized the work, and I really thought it was amazing that they “ventured” to do great things while still in the game, but there is still a lack of “polish” in the news.

As for the “controversial movement” especially in dodging I always wore the Silent Legion armor I found even better the “spin reading” than the “jump back”.

In my view, and I think for most of the 3 points where they really “messed up” we can say, it was in the movement of the horse, which should be equal to the movement of the character, runs and jumps on the keyboard and rotates through the mouser, is simple, it’s intuitive, it’s easy it’s almost natural to move around, as they did it’s very complicated, and all this complication just to be able to shoot the horse off with the bow, URGENTLY TAKE THE ARC ABOVE THE HORSE, we want is to walk on it and not shoot, if I want to shoot I get off the horse and shoot!

The second issue, not least, is that the horse should be a “locomotion” and not a slave, he does not fight, having to choose between going out with a horse and a slave to level it is cruel and a very dumb choice to go. With a horse, really stupid, it is better to go running with your side warrior slave up and fighting with you.

The third issue, which is less important, is that being able to pull an unconscious slave with the wheel of pain would be very interesting for the game.

I think they are absolving all this and are going to make “ADJUSTMENTS” and it would be kind of ‘natural’ in every game to make adjustments until the mechanics are as satisfying as possible, all the problems I mentioned and others will only really be problems if you simply funcom it Ignore the clamor of the community and don’t do what we want as we want, which is the right, simple and best way to use.

In the most I am very happy with the game, I already bought my 9th DLC signaling my approval, I never imagined that one day would have a game with 9 DLCs bought, and I have Conan and I do not regret that which is amazing!

Oh, I see! I think I might have some ideas about what they did. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Oh, not at all. I’m simply very curious about game development, that’s all. It remains my greatest passion, that’s why I always jump out with questions when there’s something that looks interesting :slight_smile:


this calculation did not take into account the needed space between the ‘normal’ world and the dungeon tiles because we did not want to load the dungeon tiles when we stand at the cursed walls. this is also the main reason why placing the dungeons beneath the ‘normal’ world is difficult because we have the same size limitations in all directions. with the existing caves beneath the ground we did not have enough space for dungeons (including a good distance to prevent tile loading) under the map.

it was less a map rework than more a game systems rework. if you free resources from all systems you are able to do other stuff faster. optimize the buidling system so that it needs less resource to laod in buildings / camps and you have free resources to load other stuff like the map meshes faster.


Testerle pleade be mindful of the language I used here when I created the reply. I specifically used the words “POTENTIALLY” and also “UP TO”. At no point did I tout this figure as a fact. Nor did I think in my own mind that it would be that high. I do not know how much buffer zone it needs. I offered a best case scenario possibility here, nothing further.

Fair enough. I was not trying to say what they did or how they did it. Only that they were tinkering with it recently. As I explained to CodeMage, I feel I did a poor job of…ehh explaining it.

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