New part of the map idea

So I recently got done playing conan exiles again after killing all the bosses and having a huge house and all the items in the game and it got me thinking when are funcom going to make a new area with new things to do such as bosses, game mechanic, items, thralls, structures etc. And I had a perfect idea for what they could add, as they said they eventually wanted to add sorcery to the game this idea ties in perfectly with it. It would add a new map section like a enchanted forest typed deal or forbidden forest but it would have mystical properties and maybe you can harness the power of magic there. Anyway they could have a god of the undead for a religion and spooky creatures to walk the lands and as for thralls they could have witches/wizards or necromancers. They could do a vampire as a boss and even have a vampire skill tree where you could become a vampire that would be cool, there is just so much potential and it would add so much more to the already amazing game.

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I would add a brick to your idea.

What if the mystical zone was limited in time? Available for a few days and then unavailable for the next few?

When it’s available, you can build on it and leave your character there, but if you don’t run away from time, you’ll lose all loot and die (you’ll move to the desert).

I write this way because it seems that developers have predicted some problems with the continuous adding of maps and allowing players to build there. Maybe they did not come up with the idea of ​​a temporary zone and read this post (crossed fingers):crossed_fingers:.

I don’t know if vampires appear in Conan books, but in the game … why not? You describe a place similar to the Mounds of the Dead, where there are ghosts. This zone has always seemed a bit too small to me and it’s good as if they have extended it a bit.

You are proposing many new elements, that’s why I’m for it! The bigger the game, the cooler it will play. But what about alchemy? Advanced alchemy fits here very well.

Off the topic:

I wonder if at TwitchCon 2019 they will only announce the new DLC or will they talk about some new game mechanics.

Funcom has stated officially on a number of occasions Onlyillusion, that there will be no new land added to the map. The reason given is that much of the unused land is for dungeons (There are at least two more to come) and the engine is at the limit of what it can handle. However, some debate does exist surrounding this. You can read a very good discussion on this subject in the thread below if you are interested. I personally would love to see at least one more biome added before Conan Exiles calls it a day, and even devised a concept biome myself (The Black Marshlands ‘Bog’ biome; second attached thread), and am putting together another two in my spare time. So dont get your hopes up tooo much ok, but there is a very, and I do mean very small slither of hope.


Thanks for lighting up the situation. They say “hope dies last”, that’s why I still have it :wink:.

Suppose we take a small piece of the empty part of the map and change it every few days, over and over again - for example:

  1. Forbidden Forest
  2. Black Marshlands
  3. Land of the dead
  4. Uninhabited island
  5. …return to step one.

With each change, the game should clean players activity in this zone and move those who stayed somewhere else. Going to this part of the map would have to be a portal.

In this way, you can reduce the consumption of engine / computer resources, increasing only the disk space used.

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You might want to say “every month” here. This would be easier to handle.

See for the full explanation on map expansion so far. If you have any questions on why they can’t do “x”, I’ll try my best to ask the devs.

There is one: Akivasha makes her one brief but terrifying appearance in Hour of the Dragon, living deep beneath a Stygian temple and renewing her youth by drinking blood. She implies that she’s able to make other people “immortal” as well, although the single bite she took of Conan didn’t turn him into a vampire, so more prolonged rituals may have been required.

But Akivasha was really the only one Howard mentions, and according to the book, Akivasha was turned 10,000 years ago (which may be a continuity error because that would place her original life to the Atlantean Age, before there was a Stygia). The knowledge of how to turn people into vampires was probably not wide-spread, although the concept of “vampire” was familiar to Conan, possibly from fairy tales and legends rather than personal experience.


In my suggestion, it doesn’t matter if the change is every few days, weeks or months. It’s a small-scale plan, that’s why I wrote “days” :writing_hand:.

I read a note from gamepedia and there is nothing that conflicts with the idea. It is not about expanding the map with new sectors. Only to change / overwrite an existing, small part of the map. At one time, giving players only one of several variations of this sector, and from time to time change data that is loaded (to another biom-variation).

I don’t want to push, I know that if developers don’t surprise us with new regions, they’ll do it in a different way. I just want to support the idea of a new biom :+1:.

Onlyillusion not only describes the new part of the map, but also refers to necromancy, a new skill tree and the new religion.

By the way, thanks for the clarification Kapoteeni :slightly_smiling_face:

Becoming something like a vampire would be nice.

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changes to existing biomes are even less likely than a new biom. every time you make changes to an existing biom, worst case, players in that biom lose their base. I don’t think funcom will go down that road. the non-building zone around the last dungeon entry was already not fun for every player.

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That is quite alright fito, I am still clinging to those aforementioned slithers myself.

@Testerle I think that what fito is getting is something which myself and @TwoJay have suggested a number of times in the past. That is opening up, expanding if you will the perimeters of the green Cursed Wall, and changing/teraforming some of the unused lands which currently lie beyond it. There is a wealth of existing unused lands beyond the Cursed Wall, which have the potential to be re-imaged into new biomes. Basically the areas which are circled in red below. BiJay I hope you dont mind, but I am going to borrow your map here and make some comparison points with my own.

As we can see there are a few possibilities. The site I proposed for my hypothetical Black Marshlands (Bog biome) was in the lower right hand corner. Say…roughly between L,5 to P,2. Its only around 2×4 (8 grid squares), but that is the same size as the Highlands and Tundra biomes, and as we can see there, you can fit a lot of goodnes into that much space. But Im sure that the area you are eyeing is the big area in the upper right corner right? Heheh. Yes it is currently reserved for dungeons. However the dungeons, namely the Well of Skelos and Sunken City, dont start until row 15. There is still a descent swathe of land spanning from L,10 and P,14 across, and up to in height (potentially…up to 28 grid squares!). This is more than enough room to transform the land into a new biome (maaayybe 2 depending on the sizes).

I know this fito because as a an Offline Singleplayer I am able to use Admin mode to safely teleport to the other side of the Cursed Wall, and have spent not only prolonged periods of time exploring out there, but have even built fully functional settlements there in the past. I personally have not had any issues out there.

So what does it look like? It has everything from hilly beaches and sand dunes to long flat grassy valleys, to big, and I mean ENORMOUS high, dark jagged mountains. There is physics (ie-funtional weather and moving waves, grass and plants), but currently no resource nodes (eg-trees, rocks, plants). There seems to currently be no land mass in the upper left and centre left beyond the Volcano and Frozen North, only abyss.

While it is possible to transform some of these land masses beyond the Cursed Wall, it all depends on if Funcom has not only the willingness to do so, but also the resources. Again…it is a longshot, but we can always cling to hope hey.


There are at least 7 dungeons off the top of my head that are all hidden in the red outlines. Can’t build near them even if you expanded because of land claim.

Further territory to the upper right is likely to be further used for additional dungeons. As has been discussed beyond dead horse territory.

Forgive, some of the areas near the map edge may not be accessible because of camera boundaries. If one plays right up to the edge of the map then all kinds of puppet strings become visible. Maps usually have a picture terrain for distance. This is nothing more than a graphic rendering of terrain to create an illusion that the terrain moves farther than the eye can see. This kind of “painted walls” usually takes up space on the map as well.

Beneath the edges of the map there could be event markers, terrain spawners and other types of markers that are not intended to be seen. Building over one, where it is possible, could cause an event or spawn to fail.

I believe if Funcom were to extend the map, there would have to be some kind of jump to another terrain map, which might be damaging to performance on some platforms.

Croms_Faithful is mostly right, I also did a trip around the map as admin. There are several small locations (outside the cursed wall) where you can build.

However, the details belong to the developers of the game, they know the whole map best, I will not suggest any specific location to them. I just suggest that they choose one place, create several versions of it and make a script that cyclically replaces the variations of this place.

If I had to choose what biom they would add, I would like more sandy areas :cowboy_hat_face:.

Shadoza I also thought about “some kind of jump to another terrain map”, but in a different way: The dungeons should be on a completely different map :upside_down_face:.

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The redlined territories in the „outer Rim“ (I call it like this :innocent:) are the areas where the game mechanics are working normally. Currently there is no dungeon in the redlined area in the northeast. Funcom stated, that this place is reserved for possible upcoming dungeons. The already existing dungeons in the northeast (Warmaker and Vulcano Dungeon) are far out of range of this redlined area.
The redlined area in the southeast (Marshland :wink:) has the Witch Queen palace in it. This dungeon is lying deep under the surface at N1. You can build on top but I didn’t test if then the NPCs in the dungeon won’t spawn anymore. But these depends also on the Serversettings. I will test this for you @Croms_Faithful.
Nevertheless Funcom is working on two more dungeons and they have still a lot of place to spare the redlined regions in the northeast and in the southeast. But IMO they won’t do an expansion of the map because they don’t have the manpower anymore to expand the game like this. They are now focusing on other projects, especially Dune.
The only ones who could expand the map in future are the Modders. So I guess you have to buy the pc version at least :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
The good thing is you will play the game then with all these awesome mods out there from Multigun to Joshtechs Pippi - You will love it :blush:.


Maybe a cavern system might be neat. Instead of expanding outwards, they expand downwards. It would it’s own biome. A massive underground cavern chamber.

N/1 - Witch Queen
D/1 - Abyssal Remnant
0/16 - The Degenerate
A/16 - The Kinscourge
-a/8 - The Gate Guardian

so only the bigger part in the north east is really empty and reserved for the upcoming dungeons

oh btw. interactive map:

conan exiles wiki :wink:

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You forgot the warmaker dungeon at J and K 16/17 and yes the Jebbal Sag Dungeon is outside the map left next to A11/12. :innocent:
BTW The Beauties of the „Outer Rim“.

Sunset beyond the mountains at P12. View from the coast beyond the green wall at O10.
The coastal mountains in the foreground fall to the northwest to a flat plateau, which finally leads into a rugged canyon landscape.


Beautiful pic. But if they ever expanded, these shots would be ruinded by Land Claim Spam lol. Maybe these should be populated with resources and beaties, but no build zones, to preserve some beauty on officials.

Eh I think its fine to let people build there, I want to build a base that has a view of that beauty.

I enjoy the game without it being another sci-fi shooter. Played enough linear games to say magic is still sci-fi – even if it’s a pretend old. Good this not like WoW.

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I so want a gallery of these sorts of pictures on the wiki. If anyone will make one, could we use your picture?