Expanding Socerey IDEAS

Ok love what was done first season age of sorcery did for conan exiles, but here I am wanting more magic, so here are some ideas on expanding the advancing by crafting system that Sorcery brought to the table.

Basically we add more tomes. Mainly one per map with the tome of Kurak being the exiled lands tome. Isle of Siptah would have its own tome titled (wait for it!); TOME of SIPTAH, having its own spells and Craftables seperate from the Tome of KURAK which you would not be able to get on Siptah. And if they ever getting around to adding the Savage wilds map to the game, it would also receive its own Tome named after sorcerer found in the Conan lore with its own spells. Past that each tome would have its own speacialty of sorts. For example Siptah would have an extreme focus on demon summoning, the savage wilds tome Necromancy etc. (if more maps are added.)

Secondly I think this would be a good system to expand into golem crafting and alchemy. Each with its own Tome, ( or for golem crafting Tablets). The aclhemy recipe would literally have All the game consumables that would make sense to have in the tome both Potions and all orbs including like dragon fire as well as argossian dream dust etc. Each recipe recieving its own page.

Golem crafting on the other hand would instead have Tablets. One for stone, one for Iron and One for crystal. Each covering the all the parts made at that level including the ones that cannot be made now. Past that the tablets would act as a good way to add new pieces for each golem type.

That’s it for now. Will be back with more including spell ideas for the new tomes.

Raise thrall ability for the summoning circle. Old Thrall level dictates which undead type comes back using the old undead models. T1-skeleton, t2-skeleton warrior,t3-wight,t4-legion warrior.

Spell, command domain. Leather pouch spell. Must be cast within the claim radius of you base but all NPCs and monsters within a full map grid square will come towards you base in guard mode. These creatures will defend you and your base for 45 minutes. They may not be commanded in anyways like normal thralls and pets. They return home when the spell ends.

Spell confusion. Cloth spell. Cast and all enemies will target each other instead of your clan. Players affected will have their target colors reversed (clan will be red and enemies green). Spell last one minute.

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Make it so they turn on you when the spell ends :smiley:

Also, wouldn’t 45 minutes be too much? I know yours was probably a PVP-oriented idea, but I’m thinking of the purge, which lasts no more than 30 minutes, and this would make purge defense way too easy.

Ok I am back! Next idea for expanding magic as it is now, SIGILS. Sigils would broken down between wards and the war paints we already know. With warpaints, effectively instead of giving attribute bonuses, here we have them give perks. Useable on both players and thralls. Permanent until removed even after death with the item that already does it having price tag upted significantly. Wall / floor paints on the other hand would be the wards.

Wards would on the other hand have an area effect similar to the coffers (but smaller). Its effect being handing out a perk to all legal recipients for that perk. The perk can be a buff for clan mates / thralls or even a debuff for every one else in range.

Now for how you would learn Sigils, would come one of three ways, may have its own tome that has to be upgraded etc. Could be intertwined with other tomes. And lastly a solid mix of the two above.

After this I have one more expansion for the magic system before I start with the spell ideas.

I would like be able to craft item for the zombie’s so that they are permanent. (still kill-able but no timer)

Also a spell for both cold protection and also heat resistance.

You can create an ice bridge so why carn’t you mine the ice (tried it) won’t work.

Next expansion for sorcery; RELIGION.

Essentially what I am proposing here is a partial merger of the two as a kind of rework for religion. And to begin with this idea, you would only be allowed one religion. Each one (exception; MITRA) offering a number of VERY specialized bonuses to sorcery beginning with additional functions for the alters that overlap and eventually replace specific sorcery stations. With just the current set of religions and what there alters would bring to the table.

 Crom --> Golem Crafting (if this one ever gets flushed out as a formal Religion)
 Derkerto  --> Shallow Grave
 Jhebbal Sag --> Sacrificial Stone
 Set --> Sacrificial Stone
 Ymir --> Sacrificial Stone
 Yog --> Circle of Power
 Zath --> Thaumaturgy Bench
 Mitra --> Special (MITRA's benefits will be explained later, but will act as a counterbalance to sorcery)

All of this would also require a bit of a rework not just on the models of the various alters (Crom’s being the worse =P) but the crafting cost of many of its base recipes. The religion specific item harvested from various victims (Mitra being an exception) would have to be replaced with sacrificial blood and soul essence garnered from the sacrificial stone. Zeal would still be a thing in all this and for the alters that have sacrificial stone as their ability, not only would mats garnered from sacrifices be MORE, but you would also garner ALOT OF ZEAL from those sacrifices.

Other things to be garnered from this religion rework, while not a complete list here are some things that should be considered for each religion.

 Derkerto --> More alchemy transformations, True resurrection spell for thralls (bringing that thrall back to life), a cheap Leather pouch spell offering, Sorceror's rod.
 Jhebbal Sag --> True Ressurrection spell for pets, Leather Pouch Spell that turns the sorceror that casted it into a werewolf with bonus HP / STAM based on how corrupt you are.  
 Set --> Mesmeration spell that turned hostile thrall into your thrall. Sorcerer's Rod, Summon Giant Serpent (not the boss obivously) spell Cloth pouch level*, Cheap cloth pouch recipe.
 Ymir --> Would have thunderstorm moved from tome of Kurak to Ymir religion, Ice wall spell summoning a long-lasting wall of ice that can't be climbed but attacked sure.  
 Yog --> Lesser demon summoning spell from the rod leather pouch cost, banish spell that destroys/ damages undead, Demons and golems in an AOE around the caster.  
 Zath --> Blind spell; target's senses drop to zero for 40 secs, no effect on undead / Demons / Golems, Web ensare conjures a blast of web centered on the caster releasing its effect out in consecrated webs that slow people down around the caster.  
 Crom --> a set of LARGE BRASS BALLS that clink when he walks  =P  J/K.

Last bit before wrapping up this post; MITRA. Here I am trying to set Mitra up as the anti-sorcerer religion option. Whether it’s his own sigils (mentioned above earlier in this post) or consumables that cancel on going spells, the point of the Mitra religion in this setup is the direct counterbalance to Sorcery I feel that has been lacking in game.

In writing all this I have come up with new set of Ideas I think would good to add to this Sorcery revamp, but that will have to wait till next post.

I read Crom’s Altar… I stopped reading :eyes:


I recon Mitra should get the Golum one since his avatar is already a giant metal man :grin:

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I can understand why you would say this, just that we need one of the religions to act as a counterbalance of some sort to the over all direction I was pushing this thing.

Shame you missing a good post.

Be back when I actually got more.

For those who care, back with more ideas for sorcery!

Let’s expand a bit how spells are cast, we are introducing rites. Basically, spells cast from either a circle of power or the Religious alter. Essentially the spell is sustained at the corresponding bench using for sorcery the proper pouch offering on renewal or zeal at the religious alter, and a thrall (Don’t worry the thrall isn’t up for sacrifice :japanese_ogre:.) Rites in addition to whatever materials required to cast the rite, would require a thrall to cast and sustain, (Sorcerer; circle of Power / Priest; Alter).

For sorcerers and the circle of power good examples that would be useful for rites would be spells we already know, Creeping Darkness, call of the Dead, lighting storm. Obviously, the behavior of such spells would change as opposed to be casted from a rod; mainly they would have no effect indoors, any of them and lighting storm would not be able to damage friendly buildings. Other spells that would counter mand these affects spells would fail while active. Every time the spell goes up for renewal it would cost another pouch. Initiating any Sorcerer rite is more expensive materialy then a religious rite.

For religions and this time around ALL RELIGIONS would recieve at least one rite, including Mitra. As for what atleast some ideas for those rites are I will come back with more. Peace out.

Back with more ideas,
Following through with the second part of my last post on rites. A few examples of religous rites;

 Festivals: Every religion would recieve a version of this rite, essentially a cheap Rite that grants all clan mates and thralls some version of the religions Feast buff to everyone it affects.
 Rite of Cleansing - Mitra:  Rite affects every target capable of carrying corruption, removing said corruption rapidly even if not an ally of the clan.
 Rite of Rebirth - D'kerto :  Any thrall (human) or clan mate player that dies within range immediately resurrects with one half their health.  Upon rezzing, they take a debuff (One hour) that prevents this rite from working again.
 Rite of Sanctuary - Mitra :  Every friendly recieves moderate regeneration buff plus clan mates and thralls recieve a deflection buff similar to sorcerer's with the tier 2 corrupted vitality perk twisted flesh.
 Rite of the hunt - Jhebal Sag :  Has two major effects, firstly puts up a large darkness spell similar to that the spell creeping darkness with out the spider webs.  Secondly grants clan mates and thrall night vision.
 Rite of Fangs - Jhebal Sag :  All pets held by the clan gain a faster attacker speed and bleeding.

Alright I hope that is enough examples for people to get a gist of what I am putting forth.

Obivously I will be back with more stuff Some time.

Back with the first set of new spell ideas, beginning with the circle of power.

Bind daemon - This one is different from summon daemon, as Bind Daemon will give you the Deamon as something akin to a pet. Circle of power would require a thrall slot for a sorcerer as this ability would only unlock with a sorcerer present. Has a casting time similar to that of any other thrall. Removing the sorcerer from the circle of power should break training. After that the normal summon daemon should spawn in the daemon in at level 20.

Bind Dread horse / Dread Rhino - Same as above but for the mounts.

Recall clan mate - A clan spell that gives casting player the ability to teleport another player in clan to this circle of power. Each player would receive his own button on the circle of power. Can be used from any circle of power you have access too.

Alright thats it for right now. Sorry this one took a bit to do. Be back soon with more.

We saw mages in Kurak’s dungeon. And the skull of a magician was much more valuable than the skull of a sorcerer.
In this regard, I would not mind seeing the Age of Magic. Sorcerers could increase their power and become real battle mages.
But, alas, I understand that these are all dreams and nonsense against the backdrop of many problems with the game. Let them fix at least the most egregious mistakes…

Should it work on allies, too? Or, just within the clan. I skimmed this and it stood out here.

How about being able to conjure ammo for the catapult?

My hope is A:) Conan at the least would recieve a expanded “TOME SYSTEM” Encompassing at least Golems and alchemy with the isle of Siptah recieving its own Tome. And B:) THat we would recieve more maps, that each had there own “small” tome expanding the sorcery system a bit every couple of ages.

I think your misunderstanding the point, the system I am proposing is essentially a expansion of the current kurak tome system with new spells being in placed in other tomes that you would not have access to in the Exiled lands except through character transfer. Example lets say Recall clan mate was a Siptah Tome spell. Well under this system Isle of siptah would not have access to the tome of Kurak. Making this its teleportation spell not the transportory stones.

Sorry it took this long to get back to you on something be back next time with more stuff.

Got it. I’m not on IoS.

But when code for “allies” comes, I’m just imagining the control panel for it.

I don’t think we would ever get an open allies’ system for CE. Reason being a lot of competitive survival games with big player rosters for clans end up at some point zerging the map. An allied system would end up feeding that problem. I don’t see a problem for an allied clan system for CE for private servers that want one and select official servers. To facilitate all this obviously server settings would be needed.

Alright next post I promise is about more dark magic.

Alright back with spells for sorcery, this time NECROMANCY!

Beginning with the shallow grave abilities;

Binded skeleton - Basically a permanent zombie with the same basic stats with the additional benefit of limited equipment use. Weapons / shields and whatever armor pieces the devs allow. Comes in two variants, regular level 10, and greater level 20. Incapable of gaining levels. Aside the victim buried alive, casting cost ingredients will be sacrificial blood, alchemical paste and one other ingredient that would make sense, nets you a normal skeleton. Greater bumps the cost with soul essence and a T3 sorcerer at the shallow grave to initiate the rite. Both would take about 40mins to complete regardless.

Raise Pet - Requires pet corpse harvested from pet body. Raises the pet as a dead thrall pet of similar stats, unable to gain any levels. Requires aside from the body, sacrificial blood rotted meat and leather.

Bone Golem Part construction - Here we allow the construction of bone golem parts. Materials begin with a Victim buried alive, sacrificial blood, soul essence, BONE (lots of BONE), and leather. Part quality can and should vary significantly depended on the quality of the buried victim used in its making. Each part of the golem with the exception of the chest requires only one buried victim, the chest requires two.

Alright next up “Staff” spells casted from the player himself.

Detect Life - A first level divination spell, that in the same vein of detect resources will reveal any life forms within range with its own color code identifying what it is. Whether it’s an animal, npc human, player / player owned thrall, monster, construct etc.

Raise zombies - Casted as a mid-tier spell, this spell raises up to three zombies (as per shallow grave) all at once from thrall corpses near the player. The zombies raised are effectively the same as shallow grave with the same life span etc.

Grim Harvest - Harvest’s all corpses near the caster yielding all rare resources that would be possible to drop from said bodies (religious items not included).

Summon demon - Alright this one was supposed to be with demagogy post. So it is posted here.
Third level leather pouch summon; Summons a level normal demon, actual level and time present in game will vary based on how corrupted your authority attribute is. Every point in authority that is corrupted adds one minute to summon time (base 5 mins, MAX 25 mins), every two corrupted perks in Authority Adds 5 levels to the demon (Base level 10, Max level 20). The demon summoned from this spell cannot be a greater variety.

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I like this idea. Reminds me of Pelias raising Shukeli in The Scarlet Citadel. The duration of these ad hoc zombies could be a lot shorter than those cultivated in the bench, considering how you don’t need to go through all the trouble of knocking them out, dragging them back home and planting them face down in the dirt.


Detect Life color codes an already known exploit! That one can be PC only if you want it.