Sorcery Deepdive

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Interesting video that did answer some questions that popped up.

Part 2 Added


Interesting. :+1:


I just watched it… you’re correct :joy: some random questions actually “popped up” on screen… and they tried to answer them :man_shrugging:


I meant in the past few months.

“Sorcery is a means to obtain power, it is not outright combat damage.”

Ladies and gentlemen, let the shitstorm commence! :smiley:


Yes… stupid Gandalf hitting stuff with the stick when he can magic! :man_facepalming:

I might actually use sorcery spells more if one was an actual shitstorm… :thinking:


My personal take:

FC, I just don’t feel “powerful” as a Sorcerer. Don’t get me wrong, I have some cool tricks up my sleeve, but I just have this nagging itch that tells me that I don’t inspire anything but contempt or ridicule. Zombies? Yeah, okay, they’re cool, but what if I don’t want to play a Necromancer? I want to play as a smooth talking, wine-sipping, Ming-The-Merciless-Robe-wearing, Sorcerer who can hypnotize others into doing my bidding, who also manipulates the elements to my hearts desire?

I mean, I could step outside my dwelling and find myself at the mercy of the Sandstorm. The effing sandstorm. Sorry, but if I’ve delved into the dark arts of corruption, that dang sandstorm should give me the “entertained” buff for all the contempt I should have from it.

I don’t even have the means to inspire fear among the weak minded fools in the EL or IoS.

I feel like some conjurer of cheap tricks, who hides behind a handful of zombies or maybe a tough thug (who depending on RNG may not really be that tough) or two lesser minions. I wish that I could create some sort of other undead minions…you know…like how there were in an alternate past universe. But even then I have a feeling they’d be underwhelmingly weak.

Please understand, I don’t want to consume my enemies with fireballs from my eyes, or bolts of lightning from my arse, I just want to do something that makes me feel like I’m a sorcerer. Give me powers over insects, let me craft mystical powders that confound or terrify those who would step too close to me, let me bewitch the weak minded into betraying their comrades or seduce them into a temporary stupor, let me laugh in the face of the furious elements!

/rant over.


I don’t disagree with what you are saying in concept. But I wonder how to make some of what you say work in concept.

Like one of the biggest mechanical complaints about sorcery is getting some of the corrupted perks doesn’t seem worth it. Losing 50% of health and stamina is a big thing. But the returns you get from doing so aren’t as big, and that is a bit of an issue.

They could give us that safety bubble the grave matters priest used as a soft version of the “combat magic” that they don’t want to do :stuck_out_tongue:
It would still take time to cast, but if you manage it then you’d be safe for a bit, summoning temporary stuff like rooting vines and undead stuff :slight_smile:

That’s the only way I could see somehow fitting “casting during combat” into Conan Sorcery cuz then that would be your “preparation” and once you have the bubble up, that’s when your powers would kick in, but also immobilizing you so it would just be your “once in a blue moon summon the wrath of nature” (like that storm of feces).
Just a silly random idea thou.

Otherwise I agree, Sorcery atm isn’t really appealing… I mean I love the ice bridge for exploring, it’s hands down my favorite spell and imo. the best of them… but that’s about it… (even that kinda gets spoiled by having to carry around the pouches for something this simple haha.)

Is this shared with nerfs? Should we reconsider the cost of the lighting storm? :thinking:

Ah… leave out the entertainer and it makes sense to track down (more) recipes. :+1:

Pardon me, but didn’t Thulsa Doom kill Valeria with an ensorcelled snake arrow in the movie…

Maybe, but the movie isn’t canon.

Thulsa Doom isn’t even a character from Conan stories, he was a villain in Howard’s Kull series. The “Valeria” in the movie was an amalgam of Bêlít and a random sword-wielding woman.

And we already have snake arrows in the game. They’re crafted at the altar of Set. No need for sorcery.


They are talking about “uses in pve” for spells, yet some of the current spells are entirely useless, both in pvp AND in pve. The wall is pointless, the thunderstorm is useless, the fog is pointless, the army spawn is pointless, the reveal corruption does literally nothing. And now they nerfed sorcery in dungeons as well.

What they are talking is VERY different from my own experiences.


Yeah. I must admit I raised an eyebrow at that mention. If this current, limited pool of spells are the ones that made the cut - just how niche were those 180 other suggested spells?

I’ve started to think that maybe sorcery would’ve been better off with just the ritualistic aspect without the castable spells.


I disagree, I like being able to cast actual spells. Casting is so slow its kinda like ritual anyway.

However, the spells that HAVE been put in, should be working at least.

Every so often, important things have a real-world analog, right – we can break a rock, harvest some berry goodies, even take some lumber to a guy and have him saw it. Seen it?

When we request an Avatar, it’s the opposite: it’s a propitiation. We, like the sage of old, stand on the riverbank for long enough on one leg that Shiva himself drops by and says “stop it you’re killing yourself!” In return, we get this huge manifestation that’s so powerful it can even kill us if we’re silly in our choices of pray-perches. Totally passive, until we are handed the controls.

Similarly, we now have a passive sorcery system. The fellow on the riverbank again prays feverishly, until the overlords take over and start manifesting otherworldly things like lightning and ice bridges. That’s quite eh, unappealing.

When Funcom introduced Pets, I unwrapped the download in my jam-jams and started playing with my new pals that instant. I haven’t even touched sorcery, even though I got free orbs in my BP lunchbox. :person_shrugging:t4:


You mean, like one of these? I mean, as long as we’re nitpicking here :wink:

I was quoting the Den’s own words. It was a video where the devs explain what the vision for the game is. Now, we can all pick apart their words and split hairs, but that won’t change their vision.

And frankly, it is nitpicking when you pretend that you don’t understand that when they said “outright combat damage” they were referring to direct spell damage.

There’s nothing wrong with snake arrows, and likewise there wouldn’t be anything wrong with a spell to craft or summon a sorcerous weapon, or to imbue an existing weapon with an effect.

For me, the way sorcery is now makes it a niche mechanic with limited appeal. My hopes, before they decided to implement it, were that they would either implement them as something compelling without breaking the lore, or that they wouldn’t implement it at all and point, rightly, to all the distinctly supernatural mechanics that were already in the game.

They didn’t do either, and now we have this. I use sorcery to retrieve my corpse, to reroll my followers’ perks, to summon an expendable mount when I don’t want to risk my favorites, to get to the Tower of Bats without climbing it, and to harvest trees without spending half an hour or more. Oh, and transportory stones, maybe.

Do I like those uses? Yes. Do I wish sorcery was more useful (and worked better)? Hell yes. Should they add direct combat damage spells like fireballs? Nope.


I think the chapter 1 introduction was a good start. Chapter 2 was highly disappointing because nothing new was added to sorcery and content was focus was on a story being told more than longer lasting content. The most disappointing aspect was during the dev stream, when they made it clear that new content like additional spells are considered larger content worthy of age introduction and not in the subsequent chapters of the age.

It doesn’t leave a warm feeling of assurance that additional sorcery content is planned to be released after the age of sorcery, during another age, and not during the age of sorcery.


I think staying thematic is important, but there are thematic combat applications for sorcery even better than semi fantasy things like ice bridges and fire walls… personally i wouldn’t even have those.

How about Curses (debuffs), hexes (dots), more summoning of spirits/demons/undead. Like sand people that have similar movement mechanics like scorpions where they pop in and out of the sand (it was in that horrible conan remake… which obviously isn’t canon but it would be more thematic). Empowerment of weapons with corrosive/poison effects, strengthning of armor or even skin, shapeshifting. There is alot that would fit within the lore and still be practical IMHO.