Let's talk about sorcery

So Corruption is resource? So no way to counter someone bringing dancers to weaken your magic? I can be a vitality 50 sorcery user. Seems unblance without a new stat added to the game. I see 100% of sorcery builds this: 50 Vitality, 10 strength, 10 grit, 24 encumbrance and 10 survival. Hopefully we get a corruption pit to build.

Hopefully corruption doesn’t leave your body when you use a spell. That would be very dumb.

Hold on.

Have I missed some major update and not noticed?

Sorcery isn’t in the game, so I thought.

It’s not out yet. Just poking at it. Future ways to destroy a sorcery user. Just expecting every sorcery build to be at LV 60.

Sorcery won’t be like flinging spells or anything, devs said it’ll be more along the lines of curses, enchantments and summoning

I know. I wondering if a team of dancers will you need to destroy a sorcery player. Bob a warrior zero corruption brings his clan of 10 with 10 dancers. Would they be able to turn Jane Doe’s (who is 50% corruption) sorcery spells to worthless junk. Making her weak in sorcery due to her corruption going down.

i think they might disable enemy dancers removing corruption seeing as i’m not sure it’s intended

on the other hand you can craft cleansing brew, maybe in the future we can pour the brew into orbs and throw them?

Did you ever consider that an in game sorceror may end up immune to the effects of dancers? Or that they may in fact radiate corruption? A bit early to speculate.

I am hoping for corruption pits. A pit that corruptions spews out and corrupts you faster. Hopefully corruption doesn’t decrease every time you use a spell. I plan on being 50 vitality. Since no new stat being added.

To add sorcerery in the game they first need an animator who actually can create sorcerery with his own sorcerery. If you know some nifty coding apply for a job. Other then that sorcery is a long way still. If it comes i hope there will be different types of sorcerery. Maybe i can relive my days as a tempest of Set :smiling_imp:


I rather use the undead. That right Faye a Necromancer.

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You will have to want to move to Norway…for the animation job.

From what I’ve read sorcery is just going to be alchemical. If they add sorcery I hope it will be added with a level cap increase as well as an entirely new attribute/perks.

Intelligence? They original said corruption.

Corruption is what was always mentioned when talking about sorcery. That was the main reason for those corruption areas I believe. IQ was for D & D, NWN magic users.

Where are you guys getting this info? I thought sorcery was scrapped when they introduced orbs?

No sorcery was DELAYED due to not being able to get an animation programmer hired to do the magical graphics and effects. Per even the last dev stream it was mentioned emphatically that FunCom has every intention of deploying the sorcery system once the animation effects are completed. Apparently all of the mechanics are there and working, just no great visual magical effects are there yet.

It was mention that the more corruption you had the more powerful you were. That what was mention at E3. I am just hoping corruption doesn’t decrease every time you use a spell.

I doubt they not introduce sorcery in the game. Just like mounts and pets it a delay. Otherwise corruption has no value in the game.

I doubt it a visual problem. It more like what spells to add. Hopefully Necromancery a low spell. I also hope teleport is a max spell. I also feel it a balance thing they are working on for spells. Also bug fixing.

Any more data on sorcery?