Sorcery as a stat and max level increase to 70

I want to add a new stat to Conan Exiles. Just as strength is a warrior power Intelligence is a Sorcery user power. Lets be honest most of the sorcerer players would max intelligence and have low wieght and health. I want to add a mana bar. Heavy armor is a no for Sorcerery players. Heavy armor has a -50% Mana regen effect. Medium armor has a -25% mana regen. So light armor for sorcerery players.

Light armor has a +25% mana regen.

New clothing sorcery cloths has a set bonus max of +50% Mana regen.

Sorcery damage should be base on spell defult damage plus bonus from intelligence.

I would like to add schools of magic to help limit the amount of spells a sorcery player can use.

I know only two schools mention so far Necromancery and Demonic Magic (Forgets the official name for it).

I want each school of magic to have thier own summons,curses,buffs/debuffs and transformations.

Summons I want permanent summons. No time limit summons. Time summons to me are wasted summons.

The reason to pick a school of magic is to strength the bond of that magic,reduce mana cost of that school of magic and increase duration of curses/buffs/debuffs.

Permanent Transformations should allow a user to transform and untransform at will.

Corruption should be used as a back up fuel source. Corruption should no longer decrease health or stamina.

Staffs and wands should be added in. Staffs and wand damage is base on base damage plus bonus from intelligence. Wands are fast and staffs are slow.

Sorcery really needs to be added instead of pretending by potions and such but I think 60 levels is more than enough. People really want to make that dip into sorcery they are going to have to really pay. As there is always a price when magic is invovled.

LMAO you’re still on this sorcery kick?

It’s not coming.

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Sometimes i think it is @Jens_Erik alt account trolling us :slight_smile:


I admire his persistence and dedication to this topic. Over a year later and still at it. I see threads that mention Sorcery in any fashion and automatically think @Bryan_Skull


If max level cap stays at 60 then a max stat points of 500. That 110 more points in stats. 500 an even number.

My idea adds a mana bar,magic regen stat. Thier is a price mostly lower health for sorcery players. As in they spending points into Intelligence. Also Robe-Light armor sorcery players would exist. Less defense and less health = Glass Cannons.

I guess for synchronicity sake, but there are mods to increase player level to 75, 120 and even 300. They don’t need to increase the cap imo.

My idea focus on a new stat. With new weapons base on that stat. Sorcery users would focus on maxing Intelligence first. The Light armors aren’t tanky. Robes,hoods,boots and gloves are clothes for sorcery players. Robe sets would be top part of robe,bottom part of robe,boots,gloves and hoods.

Sorcery would be great but even with a new stat, i do think the cap & max point we have now is enouth.
If someone wan’t to use magic, he can’t be on pair with someone who fight.

Restricting the number of attribute point make it so players have to choose beetween diferent buids rather than use one good for everything

275 points to max out 1 stat. My idea only would add 110 more points.

My data this on stat points need for each perk rank.

15= 10
105= 30
180= 40
275= 50

Even with 110 more points you wouldn’t be op.

I did the math for it.

Test build 50 in strength, 20 in vitality/encumbrance and 10 in grit. You would need 55 more points to get 30 in vitality/encumbrance. To get a 30 in grit you would need 90 more points in Grit which leaves you 20 points left.

The sorcery player would focus on maxing intelligence first. That no health or increase encumbrance at first. A well place arrow is death. Even melee is death to a sorcery player. Light to clothing robe sets would be most sorcery players. My idea makes sorcery players a glass cannon.

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